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.22 Conversion kits for AR's


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Taccom3G... no one else puts work into the .22lr like they did.

I have a Taccom3G dedicated upper (I built it) And I have a Colt .22lr conversion.

The Colt is flawless, but requires Colt mags. They're just 10 round inserts that you stuff in a 20rnd mag body.

Spikes, CMMG, Taccom3G, Arma lite and a few others are all just Ciener designs. despite what they say on the box, they're still Ciener. There was a company before Ciener, called Atchkinson (or somethinget similar) but Ciener bought them out and improved their design. The major bonus about the Ciener design is the ability to use Black Dog Machine magazines.

S&W's MP-22 is a great machine with an awesome magazine... but completely proprietary and doesn't come as a conversion.

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I should mention that the Taccom3G is also a Ciener design... they just do it better.

Most others are just rebranded CMMG manufactured parts... hence the reason why the Armalite version is no longer available. They got tired of fielding complaints for piece of shiit work.

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I've got one from a company called tactical industries, I bought it right as egay enforced their hi cap mag ban. Being it came with a 20 or 25 round mag eBay ended the sale but never refunded my money. I was lucky enough to sort thru my browser history and found the company and contacting them. They mailed me what I had bought and was very great full. Mine is picky on ammo as a lot are, I can only shoot good ammo thru mine cci and I've found federal semi auto also works, the cheap Remington/whinchester stuff won't work

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I've got a Ciener-design unit.  Never gave me issues.  It's the older phosphated design, before they ever offered the stainless thing.  Once broken in (and that was a requirement for the phosphated ones), it runs flawlessly, if you run the right-powered .22LR ammo in it.  Don't run any subsonic, low powered ammo - run some 40gr 1100-fps stuff, or above in velocity.  Should run like a champ. 


EDIT - It's a dedicated .22 AR now.  I quit taking the adapter out, and only use it for .22 now. 

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The biggest trick to the .22lr conversion is cleaning and lubing while shooting. About every 100 to 200 rounds, I pull the BCG out and give it a good hose down with something like "Gun Scrubber". I like the clean/lube foaming spray. I just shake it off, reinsert, and continue shooting.

.22lr ammo is some DIRTY shiit. It doesn't take long to gum up the works.

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Something else to keep in mind also is that after shooting .22 through your barrel, shoot about 5 to 10 regular rounds through it when you are done.


If not you will get a build up of lead and turn it into a dedicated .22 upper.






This was the result of a guy that shot at least 2 bricks through his rifle. Along with having to ream out the gas port and replace the gas tube.

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