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WTS: LMT Complete BCG


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Up for sale is a Near new LMT Complete BCG.  DPMS pattern.  I used this for a 308 build then changed over to 6.5 and used a different BCG that came with the barrel


Anyway, this one has about 40 rounds thru it and is in like new condition.  Sweet BCg for sure.  Pics included.  Please email me for any details at jst39@att.net


Looking for 250.00.  and I'll pay shipping.


Here is the LMT product page




No trades please and am open to "Reasonable Offers"



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I am reading different things about LMT being a SR-25 or a LR-308 pattern, do you know which it is?

I thought it was a DPMS patterned BCG, but then I see LMT has a history with Armalite and it may be SR-25 based.

Keep in mind that Karl Lewis was involved in the Eagle Arms EA-10, which was basically built off the SR25 receiver set, but using a lower that fed from modified M14 mags:
LMT/Eagle Arms/Armalite History

Independent of ArmaLite, Karl Lewis and Jim Glazier formed a company named Eagle Arms in Coal Valley Illinois in 1986. Lewis had manufactured a wide variety of both commercial and military parts for M-16 rifles, and Eagle Arms assumed the increasingly distracting retail business from Lewis’ company, Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT). Eagle Arms initially marketed M16 and AR-15 type rifle parts. The early Stoner patents had expired, and Eagle was able to build both parts and complete rifles. In 1989 Eagle commenced production of complete rifles, with LMT serving as the major supplier.
In January 1994, Mr. Mark Westrom purchased the company. Westrom was a former Army Ordnance Officer and a civilian employee of the Weapons Systems Management Directorate of the Army’s Armament Materiel and Chemical Command (AMCCOM) at nearby Rock Island Arsenal. After the purchase, he continued producing Eagle Arms EA-15 rifles. Plans were made to add a line of telescopic sights to the product line. Westrom’s background in military Service Rifle competition produced a focus on high grade target rifles even before the AR-15/M-16 rifles came to dominate American Service Rifle competition in the mid-90s. In November 1994 Westrom decided to initiate the design of a .308 caliber AR-10 type rifle, to be called the “M-10” in line with Eagle’s production of .223 caliber “M-15” rifles. Work on the project began in November 1994. The bulk of the engineering work was contracted out to LMT, with an experienced Quality Assurance expert, Mr. David Dorbeck, doing
the bulk of the work.
Eagle Arms acquired the "Armalite" name shortly after, then continued work on the new AR10:
The AR-10B rifle was developed using unusual reliance on computer design and simulation. In fact, the rifle was never prototyped. Individual sub-components were tested on a special lower receiver made of two slabs of aluminum fitted to an SR-25 upper receiver assembly. The full prototype AR-10B was the first rifle off the production line.
So the short story is that LMT, 1994-present Armalite AR10, and DPMS BCG's will all slide inside of the common upper receiver raceway ID. Once you get into barrel extensions and bolt interface, the after market has deviated in some cases, unintentionally, because of bad engineering and production "standards".
When dealing with critical components from companies like LMT or Armalite, they are probably using the same datum for bolt dimensions, as well as carrier raceway, and subsequently upper receiver ID dims.

Evidently LMT has trouble answering the question themselves...?

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Receiver pattern has nothing to do with bolt/extension pattern.  If the barrel is dpms pattern from xcaliber, than the bolt needs to be dpms pattern. 

I thought the .308 bolts are pretty much universal, but the barrel extensions are whats different?

Hmmm...? Dazed and confused once more. ;-/ Ugh?

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