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Sling recommendations?


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V-TAC Mk 1.  Rapidly adjustable, solid cam lock in it that won't give out for anything - it's literally the adjusting buckle on a military-issued rucksack strap. I run this sling on ALOT of rifles.  I've only got a few other types of slings, with Beachin Tactical being the most common of them.  BDS makes a nice sling, too. 

I still say that V-TAC Mk 1, though.




I've got this one on the 700 - V-TAC Mk 2 with cuff - and it is sweet.


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8 minutes ago, D.R.D. said:

Thanks.  I've got a Vicker's on my AR15.  Love it, but not what I'll need for a match/PRS event.  That VTAC with the sleeve might work.

Exactly why I recommended it.  I've got one BFG Vickers padded sling, on a 16" precision 5.56 gun, and I like it - but it doesn't lock as solid as the V-TAC does.  The BFG slides and adjusts well - but the V-TAC locks in position better. You'll need to train with the cuff - it's not as easy as just throwing it on and running and gunning.  It takes some getting used to.  Nothing will lock up more solid, though...  :thumbup:

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9 minutes ago, D.R.D. said:

Flush cups, QD, hooks, any preference, and why?


What stock are you mounting the rear attachment to?  What on the forward? It all depends. I've got several recommendations for each end, depending on what you're working with.  Just finished an A2 stock on a rifle, and highly, highly recommend the Noveske Flush Cup for that.  Have the MagPul stock system on the 700, and the MagPul cups are best for that.  For the front, if it's got M-LOK slots, the MagPul M-LOK adaptor is the king.  If it's Key-Mod, then the Strike Industries keymod rail panel with QD cup feature is best, IMHO... 

See where I'm going here?  Need to know what you're working with, before recommendations... 

I'd run these on the sling, no matter what, and look for the cup attachment to the rifle as the "what-ifs"...


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For the "why" on that - if you run the sling I mentioned, you need to reverse it to run the cuff properly.  QD cup attachments let you do that front to back, and nothing else to worry about.  Front goes in back, back goes in front.  With the cuff, you'll only attach to the front point, and not worry about attaching to the back. 

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4 minutes ago, D.R.D. said:

Not sure what Gen mine is, but it looks similar to that picture.  Bought it a couple years ago.  

That is a Gen II, Gen III doesn't have the slots for the gas tube and has a fork thingy that grabs the upper receiver and locks it in.

EDIT; I'm wrong, they don't do the Gen III for 308, just AR-15.


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On 7/24/2017 at 0:23 PM, D.R.D. said:

That's no worry, either - since it comes with pic rail sections.  Just toss one of these on the pic rail on the side or bottom, and you're good to go.  MagPul RSA.


This pic shows it mounted on the top rail, but I don't like that - torques the rifle when you sling up tight, which is what you'll be doing.  Mount it on the side, with the QD cup down, or mount it on the bottom with the QD cup to the side - whatever your support-hand side is. It torques the rifle less like that when you sling up tight.




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