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    The Lone Star State
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    All things coffee from roasting beans to espresso and everything in between.

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  1. forty_caliber

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Come and take it....
  2. forty_caliber

    Hi. Got very special ammo just want to share !API solid

    It was a full on snowflake meltdown!!! The deplorables win the world series!!! The crowd goes wild. .40
  3. forty_caliber

    A*B Arms Urban Sniper Stock (USS)

    https://www.abarms.com/A-B-Arms-Urban-Sniper-Stock-USS- Googled.... .40
  4. 168 BTHP Federal Match King Gold works very well for me. 1" groups at 100 yards fairly reliably. DPMS pattern, 20" heavy barrel 1:10. They do a number on hogs too. .40 IMG_0198.HEIC
  5. Thought provoking look at the 2nd and worth 2 hours of your time. .40
  6. forty_caliber

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Priceless :)
  7. forty_caliber

    NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    While I really appreciate the offer, unfortunately I'm on a restricted diet. I would be doing myself a disservice on both a medical and epicurean level. I'm sure that others would be more than happy to accept your kind offer. .40
  8. forty_caliber

    NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    Been a while since I've posted. Think I should check in more often. Ummmm....seems like the standards have dropped sharply while I've been away. .40
  9. forty_caliber

    Just signed up

    OMGFMO YOU SOLD IT? What did it do to deserve such a fate? Casting an innocent AR10 to perdition like that...oh the gunmanity. What if the new owner doesn't take care of it and it gets rusty? Will it get a nice warm safe to sleep in? Will they take it out for walks once in a while? :) Welcome to from Texas! .40
  10. forty_caliber


    ^^this^^ If we paid 1/2 of the attention to math and science in our schools that we pay to football our country might not be in such a mess. .40
  11. forty_caliber

    Hurricane Harvey

    I'm about 90 miles northwest of Houston. We have seen wind and over 25 inches of rain here since this thing started. Houston proper has seen devastating floods. Major highways are functioning as rivers. Watching the news this morning, one of our convention centers has been opened to refugees. 2500+ citizens are occupying the facility and the count continues to rise. While I applaud the efforts to help those in need, any firearms brought to the facility are being confiscated by the police even if the owner has a concealed carry permit. I've not heard any other reports of this behavior elsewhere, but I suspect this is the general order of things. In a situation like this, firearms are just one of the valuables that I would naturally want to secure in an evacuation. It seems to me that this is an egregious violation of our civil rights in a time when they are needed the most. This type of systemic confiscation is deplorable and inexcusable. If you want food, clothing, or shelter, give us your property. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for those of us in the path of the storm. .40
  12. forty_caliber

    Pictures of Girls with Guns

    After reviewing this thread, I feel that a public safety warning is necessary. It is possible for hot brass to penetrate sensitive areas while participating in certain activities. This could in turn result in someone dropping the firearm and getting it all scratched up. .40
  13. forty_caliber

    Which Sig ?

    Enabler... .40
  14. forty_caliber

    New from So Cal

    Howdy and big welcome from Texas. .40
  15. forty_caliber

    Need FTF help

    There are members here much more knowledgeable than myself. To me it sounds like the magazine may be keeping the BCG from going into full battery. After loading a round from the mag, then dropping the mag, will the forward assist move the BCG forward? I had a similar problem once with an AR pattern mag in a DPMS pattern rifle. .40