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Not knowing it killing me...

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Ok Battle Arms Development! I've looked, and I've searched, and I've googled, and I've wikia'd, and I've shook my magic 8-ball, and I've called 1-800 fortune tellers...

I have been staring at this drop down menu for AGES, waiting for this "coming soon" update.


What the heck is a BAD-ARU1 and a BAD-ARU2?? Please feel free to point out how inept I am by directing me back to a part of your website that I may have missed.

PS. Even though I don't know what they are yet  <dontknow>... You might want to set 5 or 6 of these aside. We'll pressure 98Z5V to buy one first, then survivalshop and Jgun will want one for sure, then Imschur will have to buy one just because RayGun19 wont take pictures of the one the bought, the peer pressure will force edgecrusher and weaponizer to put in an order, lastly I'll feel guilty about posting this and being 98% right forcing me to buy one or two of whatever these damned things are.  <lmao>

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LOL sorry gents, late to the party but I bear news!  :)

The ARU1 and 2 are on the back burner, maybe permanently.  They never made it to the prototype stage.

ARU stands for Automatic Rifle Utility, this was to be a follow on product based on our M1/M14 Multitool, small enough to fit inside the SOPMOD stock's storage tube, Tangodown and LaRue Tactical's forward vertical grip storage compartments. 

Since the excellent MultiTasker came out, there wasn't much point in making the ARU.  The MultiTasker is made in China, ours would have been made in the US, all billet construction, we can't possibly compete with them in price.

In the end, we figured it could be a solution in search of a problem, and since nobody asked for a multitool that can be stowed inside the SOPMOD, TD and LT storage compartment, and the price couldn't compete with the MultiTasker, we shelved the development.

BUT!  The consolation is that we are coming out with a set of improved magazine release button and front and rear take down pins.  The improved pins won't stick out like others which require that you thread your finger on the right side to access the ambidextrous selector lever.  They're typical of our development, attention to every detail, improvement made to the part makes it more user friendly without shortcomings.

The new magazine release button's dimensions are similar to the current USGI, it's not oversized like other aftermarket "improved' mag release button.  Oversizing isn't the answer to everything, it's just a cheap way to say it's improved.  Ours will have more surface area without making the button any bigger  8)

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