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Live free armory?


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I wouldn't say low quality, just inexpensive. Chris used to sell Matrix marked receivers, I have both large and small frame sets and seen no issues. My Father bought a 300 BO upper and it has been trouble free. The rail I got from them was really nice. They did have some problems with the initial run of Live Free marked 308 weapons but they took care of it, customer service is top notch there. They have receiver sets on their site for $199, choice of six colors;



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I highly recommend Chris Reideman/Live Free Armory.  I have an initial-run Matrix 762 set, that was directly identical to the Ruger SR762 hardware, minus Ruger markings.  Got the rail, in the same purchase.  I turned this into a .338 Federal AR, and it's been flawless.  Customer service from Chris is outstanding, but I doubt you'll need to use his customer service for an issue resolution. 

He has since changed the 308 sets up a little, and they're a direct DPMS-based pattern now, which will make life a little easier in reference to building it and sourcing parts.

Here's some background on how we, collectively, feel about Live Free Armory - in short, Awesome.




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25 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

You got to have all that wrote down somewhere, ain't no normal person can remember that much.:laffs:You amaze me with the knowledge. :thumbup:

Built one.  Now the information is stuck...   :lmao:   BUT I FUCKED IT UP!!!   :bitchslap:  I guess there's too MANY numbers stuck in this noggin!!!

The original sets were DPMS LOW PROFILE, 0.160" tang on the upper...  The Newer DPMS Sets that Chris makes are still DPMS LOW PROFILE...  

Sorry - numbers confuse me sometimes...   :banana:

The Mirror Effect: Confusing Numbers: Singapore & Our Sovereign Wealth Funds

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