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Intro... PSA10


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     Hello, Im Dave.  I have been putting together a PSA10 piece by piece for a while now and Im just about finished.  Have to sell some Russian stuff to fund an optic but Im looking at a monarch 7 4-16x50.  Happy to take opinions on optics.  Im from the iron sight school so other than knowing I don't want junk, I know nothing.  For optics I would like to keep it around $1k. 

    The PSA is gen 2 with 15" M-Lok and 18" Midlength .308 WIN 1:10 in SS.  Added a Luth-AR fixed stock and RRA varmint trigger.  I just cerakoted the mess and Im very happy with how it turned out.  On assembly the barrel nut broke at 50lb/ft, so that sucks.  I emailed PSA because they don't list this as an available service part.  Im hoping they have some spares and will sell me one.  I like the nut because its very low profile and doesn't require gas tube alignment.  If PSA wont sell me a spare Ill be looking for an alternative that will work with my upper, barrel, and hand guards.   

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Torqued at 90*, crow-foot:torque wrench.  Does this not eliminate the need to calculate a spec offset?  Thinking the fulcrum point is in the same position relative to the centerline of the wrench (crows-foot).  50ft/lbs was a swag, based on looking up specs and coming up with a low-end average.  Obviously no low enough....  The nut has a thin spot just after the threads, obviously meant to act as a fuse for any overzealous assemblers.  Better to bust a nut (see what I did there) than strip a receiver.

  Along with asking PSA for a new nut I did inquire on the correct spec as well.  Spent a fair bit of time looking for the spec for this particular rifle but no luck.  The "general" spec for AR10s has about a 40ft/lb range from low to high, which blows my mind.  I guess this is needed for gas tube alignment.  I was on my 3rd torque sequence to 50ft/lbs when the nut let go.  Using mil-spec grease.

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1 hour ago, albersondh said:

Torqued at 90*, crow-foot:torque wrench.  Does this not eliminate the need to calculate a spec offset? 

You did it right, for using a crow's foot. That's the right way to do it.

The spec is the same as an AR15, no matter what any manufacturer tells you, and it's a wide range: 30~80lb/ft. If a manufacturer (of a rail system) ever tells you lower than 80lb/ft, you better abide, but it's never gonna be lower than 30lb/ft.

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  • 2 weeks later...

    I am leaning towards the primary arms 6-30x56 with the DMR reticule (simple).  What rings or mounts do you guys like? 

    Im trying to get a budget worked out and I can see a mount pushing upwards of $300.....  Prefer to use a QD mount but not if that's going to sacrifice accuracy vs rings.  With a 56mm objective what kind of rise should I be looking for?  I think ideally I need to fit a mount/rings once I have the optic in hand, but I would like a SWAG for budget planning.

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30 minutes ago, albersondh said:

    I am leaning towards the primary arms 6-30x56 with the DMR reticule



Oh shiit, there it is!

noun: reticule; plural noun: reticules
  1. 1.
    a woman's small handbag, originally netted and typically having a drawstring and decorated with embroidery or beading.




Okay, now that is a badass scope.  No kidding, and "the woman's handbag" thing out of the way...   Do you need that much scope?

What kind of distance will you be shooting?  This scope right here will get you to 1k yards, easy:


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   No, I don't need this much scope, but....  Im working on thinning the herd and can fund it (buy my Veprs).  This scope is at the upper end of my budget and Im hoping they go on sale at some point (cyber Monday?).  Bottom line, I want no regrets.  Experimenting in the optics market is expensive, and my inclination is to buy once cry once.  I have pinched pennies in the past with CMR optics and have regrets.     


2. variant spelling of reticle. : A series of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of an optical device, such as a telescope or microscope, or on the screen of an oscilloscope, used as a measuring scale or an aid in locating objects.

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Well, it's your money. I run several of those scopes I linked to you, and run them long. They don't disappoint.  That's why I asked how far you think you'll practically shoot.

Oh, on "reticule."

The #2 definition does not negate the #1 (real) definition - it's a woman's handbag, drawstring, typically beaded...   The #2 definition is only there because so many people mis-use it...:thumbup::laffs:

"Reticle" is what you're after.  :hail:

FWIW, Ive been buying PA for many, many years now.  I get all their sale notifications, etc.  I've never seen them put their Platinum Series on sale, during a sale, or at any other time.  Don't want you to hold out waiting for something that might never come.  That's alot of scope, for a little money (yeah, I know, $1500, comparatively), and it's easily double what they're asking for it, if you bought that same thing from another manufacturer. 

If you're .mil or LEO, though, it's $150 cheaper.  :thumbup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Detroit, MI, USA.  I submitted documents to PA and standing-by for discount confirmation.  Thanks for that advice as I would have overlooked that.  Seriously thinking about the 3-18x50 they are taking pre-orders for now.  Called and it looks like ship date will be sometime next month.  Seems a good deal at $500 if it lives up to the reputation the 4-14X44 has built up.  For me, most notably, it comes with a lifetime warranty same as the Platinum.  I worry about tracking with anything coming from China.  I believe some degree of deviation is to be expected in this price range.  To that point, it starts to get subjective....  How much deviation is enough to send a scope back as "defective".  Guess I should send them a note and ask what is an acceptable range of deviation. 

Im a scope noob and never shot out past 500yds.  Locally Ill be hard pressed to get out to 300yds, 100-200 not a problem.  If I go for the 3-18 that leaves some coin for lasik that I have been putting off for years.  Ill be shooting against friends with more scoped experience than I have. 

Changing gears.  Im thinking of turning my own lapping bar rings.  The 3-18 is a 30mm tube and I have a SWFA SSALT that I could use.  Thinking if I get the 30mm scope Ill mic out the od then turn that on to some 1018 round stock.  I know I need to account for the interference fit but not sure how much?  So if the scope comes in at 1.181 (30mm) maybe I go for .005 undersized on the bar?  Anybody got known good 30mm lapping bar they could mic out? 



   And as Im writing this, PA no longer taking pre-orders for the 3-18....  FAWK!!! 

Edited by albersondh
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Damnit - I was looking forward to that scope, big time. Maybe it's just taht pre-orders are over, now you gotta wait until it's live - and available to everyone.

They used to have a 4-14 ACSS R-GRID reticle that was very similar to the Horus H-59.  They killed that scope because they were gonna make it on a 6-24 version.  That was a year ago.  I'm still waiting for that one, too...  

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