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Bear Creek Arsenal Barrels


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had issues with an 8" 300 blk, but before i tried to alter it, it was spot on. pre built upper* shot clays at 100 yds. easy! Id bet it will run if you build it and follow your tourqe specs.

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I got one of the BCA 16" mid length 416 r stainless heavy barrels, it shoot good for me, I really haven't got the time to play around with any high performance ammo for it yet, did try some SP 150 & 180 grain. Seems to like the steel case ammo the most, shoots the 140 grain wolf Sp real well & the 150 grain Tulammo 308 win well also. Using a Helius Tactical 1776 muzzle brake, works better than some of the other options I've tried, still jumps around a bit, thought about messing around with the buffer & spring to help smooth it out more, just not sure what spring & buffer combo to go with yet go several options. 


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7 hours ago, Lr-308FUn said:

 thought about messing around with the buffer & spring to help smooth it out more, just not sure what spring & buffer combo to go with yet go several options.

List the specs on your current recoil system, and we can get to the bottom of this pretty quick.   :thumbup:

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Buffer is the Aero M5 buffer & spring kit, this one/https://www.primaryarms.com/APRH100158


Have this spring on it's way https://www.primaryarms.com/sprinco-ar10-orange-extra-power-carbine-buffer-spring to try with the standard buffer that came with the kit. 

barrel has the Armalite carbine gas tube installed, barrel is a mid-length gas? .750" Aero Precision gas block. 

Muzzle device is the Helius Tactical 1776 brake using a jam nut for install. 

BCG is this https://www.acmemachine.com/components/bolt-carrier-groups/acme-ar-308-ar-10-mil-spec-7-62-complete-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron/

with a this gas ring installed https://www.primaryarms.com/jp-enterprises-enhanced-one-piece-gas-ring-308

Got these standard gas rings on the way/ https://www.midwayusa.com/product/624588/dpms-bolt-gas-ring-lr-308

I am not liking the Jp cause they don't hold the weight of the BCG, Jp stated that it won't stand up on this gas ring when installed. I have read the best one's to get are these DPMS rings got a set of 3 coming. I am not sure if that shorter gas tube could have been causing the gas rings to get beat up quicker or higher heat. I did notice that the gas is different with the new Armalite gas tube, not as much coming back, I do notice in my videos that the BCG is coming back real hard, the ejection pattern though is right at 3'O"clock so I'm hoping that I can keep that with the new spring. Might have to get a H or H1 style shortie buffer. 

Thanks for the help. Any other spec needed let me know. Some pics of the last target & the new items installed recently. 

Buffer kit.PNG





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