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Moles in the front yard


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Well, the moles are here. Figured it was the lords way to tell me to get going on my latest project. Recently took over care and feeding of a SPAS12, been rounding up parts and pieces to repair it's "Shot to S*&T" condition.


Upon first inspection, the recoil buffer had broken, and the steel pad had actually flipped over and been slammed back into the hole the buffer should reside, backwards.



What was left of the old buffer.





Buffer pocket cleaned out. Not much I can do about the beating the aluminum receiver took. 



New buffer installed, SPAS12.com aftermarket part. 



Next go over the gass system



New o-ring and a little Brian Enos Slide Glide on the piston



What was left of the old stock buffer



New parts, SPAS-12.com (Not to be confused with SPAS12.com) 


New stock buffer installed, think I put it on the wrong pin the first time. Goes on the pin with the detent. 





Originally designed as a battle shotgun, best fed a steady diet of hi-base 2-2/4" double 00 or slugs in semi-auto mode. Can also feed lighter loads in pump mode. 

Moles aint gonna know what hit em.







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They really went up in value. This one never had the lever safety replaced with the bolt safety (replacement no longer available) so that drops the value a little. Has the folding stock,  hook, long tube and the forward front sight all upping the value. With the beat up receiver and old safety  probably in the $1300-$1800 range. 

I've been watching a couple SPAS15's on GB, $7,000- $9000! Only a hundred or so made the shores before the import ban. 

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Crazy what they are going for. One in good shape on GB went for over $2000, saw another one go $2200. Those were actual final bids, not reserve price / 0 bids.

Got a half a case of 00 Buck burning a hole in my closet, going to have some fun next weekend or so. Let's see, what can I destroy...spas-as-used-in-graceland.thumb.jpg.e22931e603b1d9bfad193fa5faa5f1f7.jpg

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