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.375 CheyTac interest?...


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Any one interested in a .375 CheyTac?  I'm only asking because I promised to ask - for my Gun Pusher.  I talked him into trading this for a SCAR Heavy that he had.  He didn't get the optic.  This is not a typical .375 CheyTac that you can "click and order" from Cheyenne Tactical's website - and you can see that in the pics. THis one was custom ordered, and the previous owner had to wait for it to be built.

My GP already bought the SCAR Heavy, and paid for it - the buyer that wanted it backed out, his Net-30 went by, and he had to pay it off - so he owned the SCAR.  This was an even across trade, minus that bitchin' NightForce, so he now owns the .375.  He will sell it - and I don't want him to.  I'm still working on the "sweet talk" of "you know, this is already paid for - you owe NOTHING on this gun..."   :lmao:

We will be "Demo testing" this thing real soon.  We found a farmer a little further south that has over a mile of flat, unobstructed ground, and will let us on there anytime we want.  I think we have to pay him back by shooting coyotes when he needs it. Uh, BONUS!...    :laffs:

So, officially, this is for sale, but I don't want it to be for sale...  If you guys wanna shoot this beast at the Fall Shoot, then DON'T BUY IT!!!...     :banana:

If you guys know anything about this cartridge....  WOW!  It's THE distance crusher...


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Two days before we were supposed to shoot it, we mounted and leveled the scope in an 80-MOA combination.  The day before were were supposed to shoot it, someone called the shop and said they'd buy it for $7k.  Bummer.  Kind of?  Pick up was supposed to be that next week - buyer backed out.

It's back in possession, original scope back on it, leveled and all.  It will get it's legs stretched coming up soon - but it'll have to be an early morning shoot.  We're well into the 100s now, with 108 today.  110s+ are right around the corner.  We do have a verified 2 miles that we can shoot.  1760 should be a joke for this gun, if we're not battling wind.  :thumbup:

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