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Canada post New Zealand mosque shooting

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A lot of rumors and some leaks have a number of people believing the Liberal government will be using the incident to further their agenda banning of fire arms.  In particular the AR-15( so deadly a rifle no army in the world uses it). The talk is that this will be announced June 4th at Women's Conference Vancouver and the Prime Minister of New Zealand is supposedly a guest. When asked to confirm or deny this government spokesperson and ministers have been vague neither confirming or flat out saying it's not true.

 While a ban is quite possible a confiscation is highly unlikely. This in part due to the number of ARs would make this an expensive thing to implement. Current owners would be grandfathered so those not possessing couldn't posses, buy or trade ARs in the future. The reaction of the fire arms community has to put on sale ARs and stripped lowers( this is the part considered a gun) and trying to find a stripped lower right now hard. People with several AR or stripped lowers have gifted to close friends and family that don't have an AR to boost up the number of owners.

One thing we have over New Zealand is the number of guns which is estimated at around 12.7 million in Canada, so the cost of any buy back would be expensive. Also in our favor we are going into a federal election in October. Once the election is called all legislation on the table dies. The current government is polling in second place this could further weaken their chances in rural riding that they barely hung onto.

 Quebec which has the most anti gun legislation in Canada, brought in it's own registration of non restricted firearms unlike other provinces and has only seen approximately 30% compliance since law came into effect.

It's going to be a long week...

TL;DR- possible gun ban announcement coming to Canada beginning of June


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