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had to new gun laws ..


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stopped by the lgs today.. most expensive place these days. New semiauto laws happen on the first and wait times are expected to be over 15-30 days. Im well equipped but I had to buy something today, before it's a memory of dropping in and walking out today with a pistol or ar. So this is my last purchase for a long while.. I ended up with the xds .9 with the package deal: gun / 5 mags/ nice fabric range bag.  I have the xds in .45 but I have a sweet .9mm pcc and lots of .9mm ammo and with the potential of 40 rounds ready to go.. I paid 350$  gonna go robo on this once its broke in propper like!  figured out the " we the people" holster to configure it so its better tucked in the waistband for now.. works with the .45 also.👍🍻


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I1639. its a hodgepodge of bs and the lgs dosnt even know how to determine if he is violating it.. meaning he is down to 3 ar's as of today and isnt restalking.. semi auto anything requires  a physical to purchase after the 1st. basic paperwork goes to the sherrif as I understand and they aren't funded for the extra paperwork.. which means you're typical nfa wait times for any semi auto anything.. blue state blues! I also have to be certified to safley own a gun.. I know a guy so that is easy. my concealed carry lisence dosnt count at the lgs either. issued by my local sheriff who has all my scars and fingerprints and a bad ass tattoo on record! 

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16 hours ago, Belt Fed said:

So you have to get a physical and a certification to own any semi now? That's crazy.

That's fucking INSANE.  That means they passed a law that directly SHOVES the medical profession directly into gun ownership.

What I own as far as firearms goes is nobody's business, if they're in the medical/healthcare profession. None of their business.

That State is losing it's shiit...   That's the worst gun law I've ever, ever heard of.

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jusus no it doesn't..  Dos Not require a cough and tickle!!!  I just got word its every 5 years to be able to buy a semi auto, you have to be certified as safe. Take a saftey class with a professional that is certified by the state.. so even leo's I believe have to be certified. Im learning but the laws are very confusing and for lgs its contradicting!  its gonna put them out of the guideline and out of business. 

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On 6/27/2019 at 7:40 PM, sketch said:

 Im learning but the laws are very confusing and for lgs its contradicting!  its gonna put them out of the guideline and out of business. 

That's their GOAL, brother.  You ever read the stories of the last gun shop in San Francisco?


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