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Government demanding names of Obsidian app users.

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I'm not surprised by this actually. Anything......ANYTHING, that someone use's on a phone (app), tablet or computer for that matter....can be seen by the spooks in charge. If they really wanna see it.

I guess I'm one of these that have been "looked into" since I bought one of these ATN setup's over a year ago.

My answer is still the same. They can all EAT ME on a hot, sweaty day.

While I put this whole rig together (optic, laser range finder, rail-mount thumbwheel adapter...........that all bluetooth's together), and it has the capability to stream (WIFI) to a phone or tablet, in order to get atmospheric data in order for the "smart" optic to correct for range/distance/windage. All of this was to perform testing (READ THAT PROPERLY NSA BOYS......I'm right down the road from you) to actually see if the system provided by ATN would actually perform as they had stated.

But.......I got sidetracked.

Besides this "Obsidian" app. Who thinks that they can't be watched, tracked or used for "simple" data gathering in this day and age, when they carry any electronic device?

I'm not being a paranoid, tin-foil hat guy. It's just being realistic. If you're connected.......then you're connected. I work in the technology field (even being just commercial automation and controls). But you'd be amazed at what can be done, behind the scene's, as you simply peck away at a computer/tablet/phone. ANY connected device.

And yes Tom.....even your flip-phone (as you know).

If it's electronic and connected. THE MAN always knows where you are.

Okay......that's enough......now I need to go smear another layer of yellow mustard on the walls (It keeps the signals from penetrating ya know) :lmao:


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1 hour ago, Rsquared said:

And yes Tom.....even your flip-phone (as you know).

If it's electronic and connected. THE MAN always knows where you are.

Not really, brother, and I can talk days on that.  The only reason my "Dumb-phone" will ever be tracked is if it's directly involved in a phone-threat that's recorded - by someone that was threatened.   

I do my shiit for a reason, and it's why I have a dumb-phone.  Nobody is "hacking my cloud" or "stealing my payment information" - not on my phone.  Nobody out there that hacks this shiit - can get anything from me.  Nothing.  They can't even see my text messages or pictures sent to my phone - it's not even on that level of technology, and nothing about it is "cloud" or "server" based...

That's the whole reason I do what i do.  You must have forgotten - I targeted these things the last 1/2 of my .mil career.  Your "encrypted" smartass cell phone with "this and that" smart encryption - isn't.  :thumbup:  None of them are "encrypted." 

My dumb-phone is the most "encrypted" thing you can get... 

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