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.308 AR Barrels


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  • 4 weeks later...

Noticed a lot of stuff at SI Defense.  Don't know their reputation. http://shop.si-defense.com/default.asp

Who has a line on good barrels......that are in stock?

I've looked at the Fultons and they are top on the list for consideration.  Looking for 16-18,5"...mainly just looking for options.  Was strongly considering a JP, but was disappointed with the way they handled my questions.  If they don't have time for me, I don't have dollars for them...oh well.  What other options are out there?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I emailed Lothar-Walther and thought their prices were pretty good. I asked if they would make a light weight barrel and this was their reply:


This barrel is done as a custom.  $399 + shipping.  You would need to provide a bolt and extension from DPMS.

It can be made exactly like you want.

We have another barrel that is cheaper.  However, it is not exactly as you want it. 

0.875 gas block.  with Muzzle thread.  20" long.  $360 and has a bolt and extension.  So, this is a $100 savings.

Woody Woodall

I haven't used one of their barrels before but I have heard nothing but good about them.

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This is the page that mentions the AR-10 barrels.


I don't know how to make it a link. I emailed them about a custom barrel and the reply was what I posted. I am very seriously thinking of ordering that medium contour barrel, I'm not happy with the way my rifle is shooting now. I received a reply quickly and they seem easy to deal with, but I haven't actually bought anything from them.

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I think he meant a "word link". It's very easy to do, you type a left bracket "[" and then "url=www.thisisyoururl.com" followed by one right bracket "]" so that it looks like so:

[ url = myurlgoeshere.com ] words you want to link here. [ /url ]

I added the spaces so that you could see what I'm doing without actually creating a word link. Remove the spaces when you use it!  ;)

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I'm thinking of getting a Fulton Armory 18.5 MW barrel. Should I also purchase the bolt group with it from Fulton Armory to ensure correct headspace? This would be my first build and don't have the extra equipment to check headspace.  Would FA pretty much guarantee that the barrel abd BCG would match without any problems? Anyone with any experience with FA products? Thanks for the help.

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^^^  I used FA for those exact parts - complete chrome BCG and the 18.5" MW stainless barrel.  Great stuff, without a doubt.  Yes, it'll match up fine between barrel/bolt, and you'll have no worries about it if it's coming from them.  I actually headspace-gauged mine with a set of Forster gauges, and it was total perfection.  That barrel is a National Match barrel, too, and it's already finish lapped straight from Fulton.  Shoots fantastic right out of the box.

FAs price on the chromed BCGs is about the best price you'll find. 

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Thanks for the heads up on FA! I just finished ordering that exact setup for 6 bones. Pretty cheap considering the quality that I'm getting. One less thing to worry for. Now to start fishing around for the best trigger. I'll be off of work for 6 weeks from surgery and will be going bonkers, hopefully the Boss hides my wallet, to prevent any drugged up internet ordering accidents! <thumbsup>

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