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Carbine to Rifle buffer swap


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I've been shooting my PWS MK216 for a while and getting it figured out.

I want to go away from the carbine stock. Its prevents a good cheek weld and rips my beard hair out.

I'd like to go to a fixed stock. The rifle came with PWS's receiver extension and buffer with spring. I emailed and asked them about changing to a different setup and they told me to try a different stock that fits on the carbine extension. I have found a few, but they are expensive and some like the PRS is very long and heavy.

Currently the rifle is gassed just right, in fact I have to run the gas setting on full to operate with my silencer. The gas valve has 4 positions: normal, low back pressure suppressed, suppressed and off. So, I can't have anything that is heavier or that will slow down the carrier speed any more.

The PWS buffer is marked H2 and weighs 4.2 oz on my scale. The stock is a BCM gunfighter. Looks like a standard carbine spring. The receiver extension is PWS's enhanced carbine tube.

Any suggestions?

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1 hour ago, Czgunner said:

I saw those, but the length of pull is a little short for me. Thanks for the recommendation though.


You can add 7/8" to that LOP on that stock, just by putting on the PRS Extended buttpad.  It fits.


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I'm going to just swap to a rifle extension. I'll send this setup back and use the Magpul MOE rifle stock I have sitting here.

KAK sells weights individually, so I'm going to order a selection to be able to tune this thing.

Brownells has their 308 buffer on sale right now too.

If I have issues, I'll just install the PWS buffer and spring. I have a spacer for this to work. Just thinking the rifle setup would smooth things out more.

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38 minutes ago, Czgunner said:

Just thinking the rifle setup would smooth things out more.

It does, when the buffer weight is right, the spring is right - it's a longer travel over a carbine extension, and it's a smoother system.  Buffer weight has to be right, and the spring has to be right, though. 

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I prefer rifle length buffer/tubes/buttstocks over any of the carbine versions.  They just fit me better, 6'2" with ape arms. 


I lucked out on my builds, as the 308AR was converted by APF for me, and it ran great....it already had a rifle length gas system on a 16" barrel.

I did the same thing with my FUR....223 with 16" true dissipator barrel and standard rifle buffer system for build.

My Bella, well that was truly stepping into a pile and walking out clean.....was gifted a .223 Bushmaster 16" carbine upper, and put it onto a standard rifle length buffer lower....runs impeccably. 


And they all had smoother felt recoil impulses than either my wife's carbine or my sons mid length .223's.

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