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Cool BRCC video.

Armed Eye Doc

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Wow, Doc...   :hail:  I'm all choked up on that one, brother.  That was amazing - great find...  

I miss the people the most - that camaraderie.  The single activity I miss the most is jumping. 

That vid was "Part 2."  Here's the Part 1...


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20 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

Awesome part 1 video.:thumbup:

I wasn't sure if you would see anyone you served with in the video.  And it does put a lump in your throat.

I was looking for my nephew...   seriously...   He joined the Army a few years ago, went to 75th RGR Rgt right away.  Fucker went through Ranger School the exact same class that I did, August to October (Class 11).  I did it in 1990, he did it in 2018.  I was 11-90, he was 11-18.  Blows my mind, 28 years apart.  I know exactly how much Benning sucked for him, Dahlonega sucked for him, and how much Florida sucked for him...  He was there when I was there.  He's a Pu$sy, though, because I had Desert Phase in Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah - and they eliminated that about a year after I did it...   CandyAss...  :laffs:

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7 hours ago, unforgiven said:

What is he doing now brother ?

He's in RGR Rgt right now, deploying his ass off.  Interrogator.  Went into the Intel Career Field like me, but the opposite side of it.  He's a fucking stud.  :thumbup:

I need to get ahold of his dumb ass, and "direct" him towards a SOF Static Line Jumpmaster Course, hosted by an SF Group...  

Regular Army Jumpmaster course doesn't allow you to run your own Drop Zone.  Just release jumpers from an aircraft.  SOF Static Line Jumpmaster Course certifies you to run your own Drop Zones, up to three aircraft at once.  I went through that in 1995, then started teaching it in 1999  - went through a HELL of a 5-year run on it, too.  Homie needs to be able to run a Drop Zone...  

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