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To a young man.


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On behalf of @Armed Eye Doc (link) and frie20191230_225744.thumb.jpg.96bca0cade13d5552baae654d0307d5f.jpgnds I'd like to post a bid to this family of unknown and brother's and open a match bid for an ar15 upper. nib. 16" RFA. mlock ff no bcg or ch. 

you make me send it and ill match it $  Its painful to hear about shits ,but it's my honor when we as a community can help. 🍻

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so I was sayin if you want an upper sent to you you gotta put down some money.. all the money goes to ron and susans friend. I will also match what you bid and help a brother out.  bidding ends 24 hours from first bid. 🍻🇺🇸

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