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First AERO in 6.5 can not charge from bolt stop?


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Recently completed a 6.5 Creedmore on AERO matched upper and lower set. AERO BCG. Runs great but the bolt extends beyond the rear of the mag when it is on the bolt stop.. Is this common? If i try to insert a loaded mag and hit the bolt release the carrier runs over the rounds  and either fails to feed or malfs... Runs fine if i pull the charging handle all the way back but i would prefer to just slap the bolt catch to charge... Ideas? Seems like my old DPMS worked just like my ar15s..

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49 minutes ago, Gofst62@aol.com said:

 Is this common?

Nope, not common at all. Sounds like the bolt catch is grabbing the front of the BCG body, and not the bolt face. 

Get some pics up, as well as more details.  You gave us Aero M5 matched upper and lower, and the Aero BCG.  What lower parts kit did you put in it, what brand of recoil system are you running, etc...  Have you shot this gun yet?

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3 minutes ago, Gofst62@aol.com said:

Looks like it is grabbing the carrier! Right on.. now to figure it out..

My guess is one of two things. 

If it's a rifle recoil system, it has an AR15 rifle buffer in it, that's 5.900" long.  It need a .308AR rifle buffer that's 5.200" long.

If it's a carbine recoil system, it's an AR15 system, complete.  That means it has a receiver extension with an internal depth of 7.000",and a buffer that's 3.250" long.  Torun that extension on a .308AR, it needs to use a buffer that's 2.500" long.

I think your buffer is too long, for whatever your recoil system is.

I just need the details on the recoil system to confirm this. Spill the details. 

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1 minute ago, edgecrusher said:

Dang it, you beat me to it

I was politely alluding to that in my first reply, asking for details of his other parts.  I'm positive that's what is going on here.  We just can't prove it until he tells us what he's using... 

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15 minutes ago, Gofst62@aol.com said:

Thanks for the help. You guys were right. They sent me the wrong buffer!! Changed it out and it works great😁😁😁

Well... Give up the details on what was wrong, already.  If what we said was wrong - what was it that was wrong?  You've still never stated whether you have a carbine or rifle recoil system, and what was wrong with it.  If it was a rifle recoil system, and you were sent an AR15 rifle recoil system - and they only sent you a buffer to change it - then it's still wrong, and is running an AR15 rifle buffer spring.  Not good for a .308AR, by the way... 

Spill the details...  :popcorn:

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I fuckin' hate it, feeling like you have to waterboard someone for details.  We here GIVE details. Freely.  It needs to go both ways.

I'm tired of waterboarding people for info - when most people come here demanding info... Not you, in this case, OP, but we have those fuckheads show up from time to time.

Out the details on your recoil system, or else watch it when you make a move on your fridge, for a midnight snack. If we don't get details, I'll be in your fridge one night, waiting for you to open that door, all sleepy and hungry.  Then, it get's real, once that door opens and that light inside turns on and wakes me up.  I'll leap outta there and climb up your ass like a Spider Monkey, and spread out...



Edited by 98Z5V
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I'm not upset with this guy, in any way.  Not even a little.  I just wanted to use this as an example of "people need help solving an issue" and us here, not having enough info to go on.


OP, sorry if you feel like that was a personal attack on you, and I never intended it that way.  I just used this specific situation to highlight that - it ain't easy trying to help people fix things on the interwebz, and "too much info" is actually something that doesn't exist.

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  • 1 month later...

If it's any consolation, this helped me with my build. I had one of the SRS recoil setups, but they had one in the wrong box (or at least where I bought it from did) From the information here, I realize it wasn't the right size after a few measurements, called the company that I bought it from, so hopefully it will get sorted out shortly.

So thanks for the insight!




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