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Need help with new AR10

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I just got a new Windham Weaponry AR10 in 308. Cleaned it before I took it out yesterday for the 1st time. Nothing but problems.

1. Feeding issues (pic attached) had several jams. Loaded 6 to 10 rnds in mag, all with same problem. Scratches on case neck & rim are same width apart. Measured with calipers. Looks to be the same as the grooves on the feed ramp.

2.Failure to extract several times (pic attached). Case stuck in chamber several times, nearly impossible to pull the charging handle to get it out. Burnished area on case about 3/8" above rim.

Don't know if it's a gun issue, ammo issue, or a mag issue. Feed ramps we not lubed before shooting. Would lightly lubing the cases help? Let me know what u think.

WW-308, Magpul 7.62 20 rnd mag, Freedom Munitions factory reman 308 150 grn soft point.

I managed to shoot 40 rnds before frustration set in & I called it a day. I have ordered some new 308 fmj (not from Freedom) & a 10 rnd Magpul mag.



308 CASING.jpg

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Don't lube the case or chamber, lube the crap out of the BCG. Looks like some pretty sharp edges around those feed ramps/lugs. I have used a small jewelers file to smooth that kind of thing out but you have to take the barrel off to really get at them. It looks like the receiver does not have any ramps, @98Z5V has posted pictures of correct feed ramps in many of the threads here, a dremel can get you the proper ramps with minimal effort. I have also had to polish a chamber some to stop the sticking.

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7 hours ago, Uncle Harley said:




4 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

 It looks like the receiver does not have any ramps, @98Z5V has posted pictures of correct feed ramps in many of the threads here, a dremel can get you the proper ramps with minimal effort.

That ramp combination shouldn't cause a huge problem.  Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Bit would match that upper to the ramps in the barrel, in pretty short order, though.

I think the issue is "new gun" + "mechanical engineer" = problems that aren't problems.  Lube the gun up very well, shoot the hell out of it, and most of this will go away.


Windham Weaponry = Bustmaster.  Once Freedom Group and Remington bought out Bushmaster (the new BM stuff is based on the DPMS LR-308 platform, and good)...  Once bought out, Freedom Group closed the factory, pissed on all the workers, and relocated Bushmaster to another state.  The old Bushmaster workers got involved, bought the old factory back, and resumed business as usual, under the new company name - Windham Weaponry, in Windham, Maine.  Here's their history:


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On 4/4/2020 at 5:33 PM, shooterrex said:

Soft points don't feed well on this platform.

This. These are a no go. The soft point will get marred and/or hang up on the feed ramp. DO NOT LUBE FEED RAMPS! Adding lube near the camber is not a good idea. The bolt, bcg, inside of the upper should have a healthy dose of lube. Lightly lube the inside of the extension. The larger AR’s need some break in to really get things going. The ramps could use a small amount filing/polishing, the scratches are a bit aggressive but not alarming overall. Get some more factory ammo, put rounds down range, and keep her wet

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Wet is the Key when new The BCG ( bolt carrier Group should be almost dripping wet with something like Mobile one synthetic or any high quality lube you can even soak the BCG in the mobile one then before you shoot lightly wipe down you will come to find it penetrates the steel and will just keep getting better...

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Finally got some fmj to try. PMC & Tulammo. Also had a new 10 rnd pmag. Polished the feed ramps & broke the edges on the adjacent lugs. Both new ammos worked very well in both mags. No ftf or fte.  Still getting the heavy scratch on the inside of the case rim like b4 on the brass ammo only, but not on the neck. Tried the SP again & had same old problems. So I guess problem solved. 

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