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Adjustable Gas Block


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I have an Odin adjustable clamp-on gas block on my new build. After researching on the net I've found two primary schools of thought on initial set-up of the gas block. One school of thought is wide open for the first shot then adjust for less gas flow, blah blah blah. Another is to shut off the gas flow turning your weapon into a single shot then open the gas block until proper function in obtained. I tend to favor the second version, what say you?

I bought an adjustable gas block because with a 16 barrel with mid gas system I felt my build might be over gassed.

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If you start from all the way closed, you clear all the malfunctions between the correct setting and fully closed. If you start from fully open, you only clear the malfunction that indicates you've gone too far. If clearing malfunctions is something you enjoy, that seems like a good way to do it....

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Wide Open.  And you need to shoot several boxes of ammo to break the gun in, before you start making ANY adjustment downward, in gas.  You need the carbon fouling to seal the gas tube to the block, the block to the barrel, the end of the gas tube to the gas key on top of the BCG, all moving heavy-metal parts need to start working together...

You need to break the gun in before you start messing with the gas, and you start it Wide Open.

Think if you start it closed.  Then you start opening it up, click by click, of whatever adjustment yours has.  You go through two boxes of ammo, and it STILL doesn't function...   Well, is it broken in yet - or is your gas port diameter too small?...   :popcorn:

You don't know.  And you wasted two boxes of ammo to get to that conclusion, too.

Where ever you got your information that you start out with it closed - obviously had gotten lucky.  That's some pretty bad, misguided information, right there.

Always load ONE ROUND on a new magazine, on a new build (that is lubed very well), and shoot one round.  Adjustable gas block or not.  If it doesn't lock the BCG back - then you know you're heading into a situation that you might need to figure out. "Broken in, OR, New Build, OR No carbon fouling to seal things up yet, OR..."

^^^  You'll never get there, starting with that gas block shut down.

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I really like starting closed. When you get past about half way to working the brass comes out almost all the way and then slams back in to the chamber with quite a bit of force. Gotta love trying to pull the charging handle back on re-chambered fired brass. 

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