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Barrel question


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Anybody have any input on how well the SI Defense barrels stack up against the other brands like FA or Krieger?

I've got a SI Defense SASS barrel on hand, but before I put it on I'd like to see if there's anything I'm missing out on by not ordering the same profile from Fulton Armory.

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Just an update on this barrel.  I will be returning it!  First the gas block journal was .001 too big, no big deal, I just got a clamp on gas block instead of th one I was going to use.  Next, the threads wouldn't accept a 5/8x24 threaded vortex flash suppressor.  I don't feel like waiting to find out if there is a third discrepancy.

Nothing against SI Defense or MidwayUSA, as this could have easily been out of a bad batch or something along those lines.  I just don't feel like reworking a product that is supposed to be a drop in.  Now I have a FA bolt/barrel combo in the mail.  Just need to figure out how I'm going to black it out.

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That's what I thought too.  I didn't find many reviews on their barrels, but everything else I saw about them looked pretty legit.  I did read somewhere that they use different machine shops for their barrels.  It also could have been on Midways end, the barrel didn't arrive with any protection other than some oil on it, not even plastic thread caps. 

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Don't know what the barrel ran you, but, doesn't sound like a match barrel. Now if the price was right, relative to a Fulton, maybe it would have been worth a little trouble. The + .001" on the GB mounting area isn't a big deal, in fact it's a much better situation than finding that your non clamp on GB is loose on the barrel (which has happened to me). The barrel thread is another story, if the muzzle device goes on snug it's one thing, but if it won't even start, that's another. Although having a gunsmith run a die over it to chase the thread is easily done. I think the idea that the company gets their barrels from many different sources is something of a red flag, and might be an indication that they're not selling the highest quality barrels.

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JGun- I agree, each issue in itself is not a big deal. However, I'm not too inclined to see if there is a third, especially if it shows up on the inside of the barrel. This was not a match barrel, and it was only $50 more to order the FA, plus they will match the bolt for me.

Oh, and no, the vortex wouldn't even bite the first thread.

imschur- I may just stay away from Midway when it comes to precision components from now on.  I'll still catch their deals on bullets and other "not so sensitive" components. I'd be scared to order any glass through them.

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My vote will always be FA. I sold my first build back in March and I forgot the buyer emailed me pics of the targets. The orange targets are at 100yds, and theother with the quarter are 150 yds. I wish I would have shot her at least once! He claims the 150 was at a rapid pace, hence the disparity, I guess....



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Mac83, Your statement about buying selectively from Midway may have merit. I purchased 1000rds of Lake City .223 brass from them a while ago. It was sold as first quality. I cut it down to form 300BLK cases. When I started load development, I ran into problems with the cases splitting in the neck. A member on another forum told me that they buy brass from Lake City that doesn't make mil spec. Now, I don't know this to be a true, but the fact remains that when I loaded using LC brass that I got from a different source, all of the case problems disappeared. I don't mean this to bad mouth Midway, but the likelyhood is that my problems stemmed from the brass I got from them, of course I might have had no trouble with it if I used it to load .223.

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