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what is the negativity with EO tech


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I have read negative remarks about EO tech,the sight falling off?I crank all my poop down.I use a EO .223AR beside using up batteries[at least they are AA]from cranking up brightness in day light.Aimpoint I can see being a good product smaller longer battery life the new patrol model looks very cool don't till its for sale to general public my .02 cents.Shoot on bros.

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What I got out of the article high round sessions at Trident there seem to be a problem with Holo staying on,I like what I have dots calabrated to 600 meters. without magnifier I'm hard pressed passed 100yrds.which at my range [might be closer to 130 yards. This is where I hang out 25yrds. for pistol.I have ween myself off the bench and going out of position,like one of the bros said shoot like you fight. Gonna put a scope on .308 what are you'r thoughts on power and make.Just a working stiff can't afford nightforce or triggocn[sic].Shoot on bro.

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All the bad press they currently get stems from problems in the early models, and that technology.  It keeps going now, with the internet keeping that stuff alive, like it just happened yesterday.

The three main things I can think of, with the early ones, were:

1. Battery life.

2. AA Batts, mount in line with weapon recoil.

3. Auto-off, after 4 hours of being on.

About those things:

1. Batt life - they didn't last long in the early days, not at all.  Now, you can squeeze out 1100 hours if you're using Lithium batteries.  That's not a short amount of time, but now, this gets compared to Aimpoint and their brilliant technology.  You can run some Aimpoint sights for up to 80,000 hours on a single battery - that's not a typo.  Nothing can compare to that.  That's 8 years of constant-on.  :o  At any rate, some people think that's something to bash EOTech about...  <dontknow> 

2. The early sights have theAA batteries inline with the bore, and when you'd fire, the batts would lose contact (from recoil) and the sight would shut off.  Not good.  However, that has been fixed, and the models that still mount the betteries inline have seen improvements that prevent the batts from losing contact.  In short, that is an old story that keeps on living now...

3.  Auto-off after being turned on for 4 hours.  This is still there.  The sights still shut off 4 hours after you turn them on.  I don't see this as a big deal, if you're going to be shooting (and having that sight turned on) for more than 4 hours.  It's a training factor that you have to live with.  If you're going to be shooting for more than 4 hours, know when you need to turn it off, and turn it back on.  Combat is a different story - if you're in a 4-hour firefight, you're in some pretty deep poop.  That "feature" they have might cost you dearly, but you're in such deep poop in the first place...  That's a tough call on that one.  :-[

Here's something I posted awhile ago about both brands of sights:

I had them both issued to me in a past military life.  I like them both for different reasons and different missions. 

I prefer the Aimpoint if it's the 2MOA dot, especially for an all around red dot.  Mount it forward, run a PVS-14 on the upper receiver behind it, and it's one sweetass setup. 

I never did try to run night vision behind the EOTech.  Mounting options at the time sucked, and it wasn't even worth it to try - let alone the confusing reticle when everything is bright green, other shades of green, and gray.  The Aimpoint was better in this role.  Things might have changed by now, with different mounts for the EOTech, but I never had any. 

Now, I prefer the EOTech standard reticle for everything else.  That 65MOA circle with a 1MOA dot inside is awesome in alot of roles.  Anything close, just get it in the big circle and you're good, and you've still got a tiny little dot for longer distance targets. 

You can damage an Aimpoint to the point that you won't get anything in the reticle.  You can put a bullet through the middle of the EOTech, and you'll still have the holograph visible in the broken glass.

Aimpoint kicks EOTechs ass when it comes to battery life, starting the the Comp M3 models and up.  Even the older Comp M2s were better than the first-gen EOTechs, before EOTech got slightly better about battery consumption.

I'll go dig for a pic, so I'll be back...

Edit - couldn't find the Afghanistan pics, but I'll keep digging.  I was looking for a couple pics that show the 14 mounted behind the Aimpoint.    Now, having used both before, and the Aimpoint extensively, I don't personally own one right now.  I did, however, spend my money on the EOTech 512 last year.  I like them both, but at the time, my money went to the 512. 



From this thread:


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I have owned Aimpoint and EOTech sights. I have to stand on all the same points as 98.

I too am in the market for a new sight.

If I can get over the large dot I may go for the Aimpoint T1, otherwise I'm leaning towards the XPS 2.0

Reticle over battery life in my opinion. I like the 1:65 reticle over a 3+ MOA dot. 

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