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Just cuz....Franklin BFS 308


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@sketch @SubGrub

Can you do it? Yes. 

Should you do it? Probably not lol.

I have a pretty hardcore brake on this gun. Some of you have been punished by it. You can actually see the camera shake from the side blast in the video. Even with that, there is basically zero control. A non magnified  RDS or just irons would be better but still pretty useless. I was probably minute-of-yardstick at 50yds.  I couldn't even see through the scope so it was just point and shoot. Might be cool if you had it braced really well on some bags and needed to keep some rioters heads down or swiss cheese a Prius, but you aren't shooting groups with this thing. I also think I broke my charging handle. You can see it slapping around. One strange thing, I found it hard to STOP shooting. A round going off on trigger release is both disorienting and a little frightening. It threw me off, and caused me to grab the trigger again, firing another round on that release. It's hard to explain, but it's kinda sketchy. I'm sure a little practice gets you through that. I really just did a few 2 and 3 rd mags for function check and then a couple 10 rounders for fun. Not as cool at the rare breed, but I'm not sure if RB would work in a 308. I don't think it will without modification. It is handy to have the selector switch. I wish the forced reset triggers could figure that trick out. 

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12 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Nevermind it's in the title. sheesh i'm slow. i like it. How many RPM you think it was doing?

The thing is fast! I was only loading 10 rounds, but it was screaming, and I feel like I could speed it up with a little more practice. I'm still kind of hesitant. I should have pulled the scope off, but I was out 4wheeling and hadn't planned on doing much shooting. Just wanted to see if it ran. 

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