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Midwest AR10 Reaction Rod Issue


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I just bought a new Daniel Defense DD5V5 in 260 and bought the Midwest AR10 reaction rod as it's had good reviews.  I have not shot the new rifle yet.  The reaction rod came in yesterday so I checked it out in my new rifle.  First it wouldn't slide past the forward assist so I popped the roll pin out, removed the forward assist and it continued in but would not engage or go into the locking lugs on the barrel.  The splines are not lined up.  So I took the spine off the top of the tool as it can rotate in any direction now and it will only engage the lugs about 1/16 of an inch and go no further.  I saw a video where the spine on top of the tool being in the charging channel grove orients the rod correctly so if the barrel is clocked, it wouldn't engage.  Either the rod is out of spec or the gun is.  I forwarded this issue to DD tech support and they are getting up with their engineers.  Has anyone had a Midwest reaction rod out of spec?

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19 hours ago, M5Pilot said:

Has anyone had a Midwest reaction rod out of spec?

Just for feedback - I've never used them.  Won't, either.  I can tell you that I've only used Geissele Reaction Rods, and never not once had an issue using them.  My 5.56 Reaction Rod is very heavily used, and abused. My .308 Reaction Rod (previously) didn't see as much action as the 5.56 did - but I now have it in my Gun Pusher's shop, on permanent loan - if I ever need it, I go by and pick it up, use it at home, and get it back to him.  It's gone through hundreds of builds, just in the shop.   It's been in his shop for years - and when it's time to build up a Large-Frame gun, he usually calls me to do it. 

So, not the feedback you were really looking for on your specific tool - but feedback on the tools in general.  The first one made (the Geissele) is the best one, IMHO.

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Thanks for your feedback.  DD wants to see the gun to check it out so I'll know soon if its the tool or not.  DD said that their DD5 barrel extensions are very different than standard extensions.  The extensions don't thread on and are timed with the upper and they are machined as one piece with the flange.  They are guessing the tool might be off but want to see the gun anyway. 

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Update:  Got my rifle back from DD today and they said that they have a proprietary barrel and extension as they are machined as 1 piece and there is no threaded barrel nut.  They said the Midwest Ind and Geissele reaction rods are not compatible with DD AR10's.  This might save someone from ordering one if they have a DD.  I called Midwest tech support also to let them know so they can add an exclusion list.

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