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Lost a good friend this weekend


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back when in my youth just before I turned 21 two guys at the office pushed me to get  my pistol permit. One of the guys Joe really elevated my love of firearms. Before I met Joe I was content with my .22's a Remington 870, a few bolt action Mossberg 12 gauge's and a Remington 760 in .308. Joe took me to the range and handed me a Browning High Power, a Colt Trooper and a S&W .45. That day changed my life. I got my permit and my pre ordered S&W 4006 showed up and I had the bug big time. We would travel to gun shops and often Joe would spot me the cash for my new loves. A Beretta 92FC, S&W 41, S&W K17. Also when he grew bored with a handgun or new I had grown fond of one of his he would give me a great deal. The two that come to mind are my Desert Eagle .357 and Calico 9mm. We had a great time shooting a few times a week after work. Eventually he left his job, my life went to shit and I couldnt afford to shoot anything but practice rounds for my carry gun. We would occasionally bump into each other at Dunkin Domuts or when he would drive by my old ladies house. We would talk of making plans to shoot but my schedule always seems to busy for planned outings. Well a few weeks ago I was meeting a salesman for lunch at the mexican joint next to  Dunkin Donuts and Joe spotted my truck and pulled up. I was shocked to see a bottle of oxygen on his seat. Among a host of health issues he had developed COPD. He explained that he had about 6 months left. I was floored. Anyhow we continued to talk and eventually got around to shooting. I told him he would be quite impressed at what I gathered over the years since we last shot. I told him about the websites and such. He smiled very approvingly. Unfortunately I had to go but I told him I would stop and talk guns during the holidays. Sadly I never got the opportunity.

Funny Im now pretty close to the age he was when we met.

Note to self: Make time for people and dont put things off because you just never know

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Note to self: Make time for people and dont put things off because you just never know

Very, very true.  That's a sad ending to a great recollection of damn good memories, brother.  I spent more than 21 years with hardly any time for family - I'd talk to them and see them when I had the time, but I was more busy, than I had time to do that.  I'm trying to make up for it now, over the past 4 years. 

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Brother it's the good times with you'r bro's you gotta keep in the memory banks the funny things said the stupid poop done.They would want you to do that for them,and when our time comes I would want them to do that for me.Tommorrow is promised to no one.Enjoy the ride while it last's....the light that burns twice as bright last's half as long[blade Runner]when you go see him for the last time,tell that you will see him later...he  will understand,I belive they all do :'(

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Many of us can see and understand how you're feeling. I'm sure Ol' Joe is looking on you from wherever he is and seeing how well he is remembered. You made quality of the limited quantity you had, and that is what's most important.

It's what you do with those memories that matters most. How do you pass on what you learned from your mentor to the next generation? What part of your life do you share with that kid working in your office?

I'm sorry you hear you lost such a good guy. At the same time, I'm happy to hear that such a great guy existed in the first place. My prayers for Joe and his loved ones tonight.

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