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Successful Aero M5 build and buffer system parts changes


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I built my Areo M5 from a receiver set back around 2018 mainly as a hog and whitetail rifle and as a harder hitting counterpart to my 20” bushmaster predator. I went with all Aero Precision parts and a 20” 308  medium-heavy barrel after researching it being a risky situation if you mix parts from different manufacturers.  I originally went with the rifle buffer system and a Magpul MOE A1 length stock mainly for reliability reasons after seeing so much about questionable reliability on carbine buffer systems. 231230D8-0F59-4EC4-AB05-F716A13A05A6.thumb.jpeg.dd1830ea628b86afdec5c48b389e1f9f.jpeg

Then I discovered this forum in 2020 and learned about the Armalite carbine/Vltor A5 buffer systems that run 308 rifle springs and H3 carbine buffers being as reliable as the rifle system. I finally decided I was making the switch on my M5 before this deer season opened so I picked up a 9 position FCD A5 carbine extension, H3 buffer and Magpul ACS stock. In that time period since building it I had run across a Leupold VX2 2-7x33mm on closeout at a Bass Pro for a steal and thought it’d make a perfect hunting scope for this rifle.DAD9CABB-80DF-418B-A0DB-8C5C7BF48A4D.thumb.jpeg.1661830887a149c8f8d6919704adfb5d.jpeg


I mainly put this rifle together as a less meat destructive option to my 7mmRM A-bolt. I don’t hunt marsh anymore and mostly hunt thicker woods with occasional gasline right of ways or timber trails that go 500 yards or so but most of my shots have been under 150yds and a 7 mag can be a bit messy inside of that range for my liking. I grew up hunting with a Remington model 4 semi in 30-06 and missed having larger game semiauto rifle especially after hogs spread into the areas I whitetail hunt.  

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5 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Glad you found this place, and the info, and made the switch - how does it cycle now with the carbine recoil system, versus how it cycled with the rifle recoil system?

I still haven’t had a chance to get to the range with it, I should remedy that Labor Day weekend. When charging the rifle I can definitely feel that there’s more preload on the action spring.

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On 8/23/2022 at 12:40 AM, 98Z5V said:

Glad you found this place, and the info, and made the switch - how does it cycle now with the carbine recoil system, versus how it cycled with the rifle recoil system?

Well better late than never I guess! I finally got to the local 100yd sheriff’s range this morning before work so I could get it zero’d for hunting this week and check the functioning with the new buffer system. Started the zeroing/function check with 3 sets of 3 shot groups at 25yds. Only put 3 rounds of M118LR in a 10rd Pmag to test lock back on the last shot and everything worked perfectlyD312FD67-99EF-4FCC-A8D6-71A4BC5AAAAA.thumb.jpeg.2c811cb3aa4ac36ce742cfb098464ce7.jpeg


Moved back to 100yds and ran 3 5 shot groups of M118LR with only 5rds in the mags to continue testing function once I got it adjusted where I wanted for MPBR. Wasn’t taking my time as much as I would’ve liked since I had to get to work, but I’m happy with it and it’ll definitely work for whitetail and hogs this week/weekend  83EFCD34-2599-4C9E-935B-F975BA2221C0.thumb.jpeg.80b6d43b3a16cd0d0861a7e424bef657.jpeg

I also ran 7rds of 180gr Remington Coreloks from a box I was given a few years back just to see how it ran with some other loadings. 6AF41CF2-CDED-40FE-A160-66C2C9FB7187.thumb.jpeg.fde0d15e7dc6546b3677c551e89c10e8.jpeg

The bolt locked back on the last round each time and it recoiled just as smooth or maybe even a little smoother than I recall with the A1 buffer system I had on it before. I’m completely happy with it and look forward to hopefully breaking it in with a deer soon.

Thanks again to everyone for all the information that’s been contributed to this site on making these large frame AR’s run a like a champ!

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On 11/23/2022 at 10:36 AM, unforgiven said:

Way to go brother 🍻🍻

Thanks bro!

In the environment it was built for, way handier in a box stand than my 26”+ brake 7mmRM. 99002176-FEC8-41BF-B5CC-64692C373BDC.thumb.jpeg.999d5a65d33f9739f0842d7b760fcf5e.jpegWeather seemed to have the deer hunkered down this morning. Tomorrow should be perfect. 

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