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A Bargain Bin 260


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These were all bargain priced parts but mostly good parts, none matching, even mismatched the receivers. Best I can recall the first part I bought for this build was the Giessele NM trigger, it wasn't exactly for this build like I had a plan it was just stupid cheap on a christmas 2018 sale, If I searched hard enough I most likely posted it in the things on order thread like a bunch of these parts. It became a 260 Rem when Wilson Combat put a fluted 24 inch rifle gas barrel in the half off bin, I think I posted the gas port size here when I got it, and yes it very much longer than it really needs to be, longer than I really want, but in the 50% clearance bin so now I have a 24 inch barrel AR. The BCG is a christmas time Brownells special, their chromed BCG I bought on the same sale would not head space, no go on the go gauge and stupid tight on a loaded round, this one is super tight on the go gauge, you gotta ease that gauge just right to get her to go, expect I could have some tight chamber issues but then it is a WC so I knew that going in, they make them tight. The high rise upper was $50 at CDNN way back when they first got them, I'll buy more at that, tolerances are super tight and the high rise  still leaves this break in scope to low for me. The lapping tool needed fresh oil to slide in and it was a waste of time, the mating surface went clean instantly and evenly, I had to file just a bit on the pivot pin ear corners as it drug just a hair on the lower as you opened it, it locks up tight with the blem Aero lower aside from a fine gap at the radius, tight on top. The Odin Works rail was super cheap last year, like $80, cheaper than I could find a plain tube for, it's the low version witch doesn't matter here, combine that with the outdated keymod, a dusty bent up box and they thought they were never gonna sell it. The tight tolerance on the upper made the install easy. It has that goofy two part barrel nut system that gave me fits lining up on a Grendel build, I had issues when I tried to mock this one up, couldn't get the alignment pin in the hole, turns out the pin was bent, the one from my other Odin rail just barely fit, held that first nut in place solid while I cranked in 35 then 45ftlbs. Lined up perfect, figures since I didn't need the rail to line up. The Seekins gas block was "on sale" but ten bucks more than the one I bought last year, just bought it labor day, the last part. The stock is from AB Arms, had it on a Grendle build and didn't like it there, why it feels better here I don't know, it was on sale but not exactly cheap, on this build the cheek riser is just slightly touched by the charging handle and I'm about right on this scope, final optic choice could change this I guess. The Aero lower parts kit was on sale when I got the lower years ago. It has a fancy castle nut set up from Fortis I think, got a box of them cheap, otherwise it's an Armalite carbine recoil kit, it wasn't on sale but the last of the batch I bought when they were $55 so it feels like a deal :laffs: As it sits with the suppressor the scale says almost 14 1/2 pounds, most likely the final optic choice will add a bit, light, sling, and some ammo and 16 pounds won't be out of reach, but nothing I can see with my naked eyes around here should be out of reach if I learn to use it, and if it runs......:popcorn:


I'm thinking her name will be Stretch, she just looks stretched out.

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