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Isn't this how it always starts?...


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Killer deals on parts.  That's what gets us - well, it gets me, that's for sure.  This is what is driving a pretty sweet build, and I'll update as more parts come in.  This one will take longer than the previous builds, because I know for sure I have to wait on parts to be made - not just "not available at a retailer."  This one will end up being my favorite gun, I already know...  ;D

Here's the beginning:


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I know, man.  Some of the stuff I want won't even be available for about 8 weeks, but I have to pay now.  That's the killer part.  I'll probably have everything else sitting here, waiting on one or two key parts, so once they come in it will be a shootin'! 

I had a foliage AFG for it, but the Little Woman took charge of that thing right away, and it's on her midlength now.  >:(  Mo' money...  :o

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This makes me sick... (not really, congratulations!)

You building more guns while I have to be content to try to get mine broke in before I spend any more cash. I can already tell that my competitive side is going to drive me bankrupt hanging around this place.... <lmao> <laughs>

<dontknow> Well, anyways, keep us posted, you're off to an excellent start!

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I turned a spare gas tube roll pin into a complete rifle before - I don't need the help, brother...  :o

EDIT - I really do want a .338, though...  Bolt.  ;D <laughs>

What got me really tickled was the way everything was layed out in place, leaving a beautiful place for your imagination to fill in the gap with a very expensive and complex set-up.

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Hey Matt have you tried the AR15 Builder in the sponsored links  <lmao>

Don't do that to him...  I'm not sure if he's ready for that... 

**Ahem!!!**  Matt, Google "PimpMyGun"


Ahhh yes, I have already found that glorious toy, much to the disgust of my wife.... She gives me that look that makes me feel as if I might well be neutered in my sleep, whenever I get on there.... So yeah, use carefully gentlemen!

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Hey someone send 98Z5V a .338 lapua cartridge so we can see what he does with it.  <lmao> <munch>

<lmao> <lmao> <lmao>

I almost cried....that's the funniest thing I've read in a while.  The worst part is...it's likely it would grow a gun around it in about a week.

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^^^  DNP knows my pain.  He's known me long enough.  :o

I was talking about building a .458 awhile ago, on another board, and I'd already built a few others.  I had second thoughts.  He already had a few ARs, and found a JD matched .308 set.  He let that out, but I had changed my mind on the .458 already (in my mind) and decided on a .308 instead.  Eh, I told him about it, and I wanted the IRA set.  Well, I had a local gun show I hit, and I told him I found a DPMS stripped lower for a hell of a decent deal - he tells me, "Don't do it - you don't want that.  Call me before you go back there and buy it!"  I say okay, I'll call.  I won't do it.  THAT NIGHT I hit up the IRA website - and those bastages jacked prices up about $150 per matched set.  Hell with that, I'm going back to that show and getting the DPMS, and I'm NOT calling DNP beforehand...  ;D

Yeah, that didn't even go a full month, and I was posting targets.  It's just a damn sickness...  not my fault...  <lmao> <thumbsup>

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Well, my barrel will be here on Friday, the stripped upper and lower will be to the FFL in about 4 weeks (not a typo), and the rail will be ready for shipping in about 6 weeks...  This build is just FLYING!!!  ::)

I'll probably order the optic tomorrow, and just gather up small bits and pieces for now.  And wait.

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Well, here's another mock-up pic. 


The barrel came in today.  It's a Nordic Components barrel made for them by Wilson.  1/8 twist with a .223 Wylde chamber, 16" midlength gas.  It came with a free midlength gas tube, was on sale for $185, and the shipping was free.  What's not to like?  <thumbsup> ;D

There'll be another mock-up update pic Monday afternoon... 

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