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Anyone have one of these?


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Hi Blksheep  I believe they are made over In Ft.Worth

Tx. They have been around for over a year.the Guy was selling them at  most of the Dallas gunshows.The stock is made to slide in and out so its like you are bumpfiring. you can also lock it down and not have it slide..everytime I walk by the table at the gunshows...I always ask the guy  "Can you stand the knock at your door?"  did it just two weeks ago again...he always laffs with me <laughs>  sure  its legal for now....remember the trigger springy thing waay back?...Feds didnt like them after a while....sooo your out in the woods doing your slidefire auto firing thing and an officer comes up on ya.....hmmm your going to say "but officer it aint no machine gun...I got it from midway usa"  and he's gonna say  " turn around put your hands on top your head "    <lmao>  Wash

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Slidefire works when you hold forward tension on the gun and when it recoils it will recock and fire the gun. There is no modification to the trigger mechinisim or the gun. If you practice, you can do it by holding the gun loosely with no modifications, with a standard stock, I think I saw someone once show how you could do it with a paper clip and rubberbands. But since this is all external, there is no modification to the gun. Short of the feds outlawing rapid firing a semi auto weapon, I don't know how they will be able to outlaw it, although I'm sure there are people that would like to do it. I don't think it's really a practical way to have FA capability anyway, more like a parlor trick IMO. I've fired FA weapons and a gun with the Slidefire stock and there really isn't as much similarity as you might think. I find the fact that you have to maintain forward pressure at all times to shoot FA makes it difficult to shoot the gun effectively. Maybe with more practice, I only tried it once?

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Wow ! Hate and Fear  <dontknow>

The $350 price tag will limit the sales for this novel item.

Its a fun toy. Empty a mag in ten seconds or less.

Practice makes your technique better, mag dumps are fun !

Did the show and tell at one of my freinds shop and he said " Get that out of my building now ! " That was back in Jan 2011, Things haven't changed much. If it gets banded ,oh well. Its a toy and not every one can get NFA goodies .

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I recall training with a M-16 before going to 'Nam.  Air Force.  Semi-auto,  5 rounds,  not half bad.  Then,  5 rounds full auto,  instruction to pull the trigger lightly and try to shoot one round at a time?  Pull,  one little 'Bang.'  OK,  pull again --    ---  ------  what's wrong?  No 'Bang.'  Oh-- ---  all 5 in that one little 'Bang.' 

In 'Nam,  familiarity training with an M-60.  12 rounds,  rate of fire manageable,  that one was tolerable.  I think that with a bipod or other support and a decent trigger,  the same effect could be easily managed with most of these 308AR's.  Some practice to train the hands/trigger finger?  Semi-auto rapid fire with trained fingers might help limit the number of rounds used in a single burst,  also.  Not a lot different from learning to double-click the mouse or to tap the cell phone buttons two or three or four times for specific alphabet letters when doing a text?

The public range where I shoot forbids rapid fire so practice is out of the question.  But if there was a place to do it,  maybe.  Except for the price of ammo!  ;D

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