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What parts do I need to swap to collapsable stock?

Guest LLArms

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Guest LLArms

I'm seriously considering swapping out the Magpul PRS on the Titan to a Magpul STR.

Ive been trying to justify it, but the cheek riser on the PRS was just not designed in the proper place IMO. Its to far back and I think its causing some problems in my form.

So I'm assuming I need the correct buffer tube assembly, do I also need to replace the buffer and spring?

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Guest LLArms

The Titan is our rifle, its basically a DPMS LR-308 in transformer gear.  <laughs>

So from what I gather online I need the following:

Collapsible Buffer Tube

AR-15 Locking Nut

New Spring

New Buffer


If I am completely wrong can someone give me a detailed list to do the swap over.

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I am not to framiliar with the DPMS parts on their .308...

But ArmaLites AR-10 carbine receiver extension tube is 7 5/8" on the inside depth and only have one spring for the rifle and carbines.

The parts you will need are:

Carbine receiver extension tube,

Locking ring (castle nut),

Locking plate,


Buffer spring. 

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You may want to think about if you want a Mil spec or commercial collapsible stock / receiver extension .

No matter what you hear about the two , one thing is certain & that's the commercial receiver extension tube is thicker ,same inside dia , but the tube is thicker  & makes the outside dia larger than the Mil spec. It is why I used commercial on my 308 .

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Honestly, I think you should look at other full stock options instead of the collapsible stocks. Wouldn't a compact stock defeat the purpose of your rifle?

The RRA A2 Operator stock and the VLTOR A2 ModStock both will fit your current hardware, and only cost about $100-$150. They come with cheek rest storage areas on both sides, and they still line up like a standard stock. I think it'd be nice to see an aluminum or steel dowel lathed out to insert inside the storage area for the extra weight in the rear. Just my $0.02, it usually ain't worth much more than that.

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Guest LLArms

Fixed or collapsible doesn't effect the the project. If anything it will be a benefit to move to collapsible for storage reasons.

Plus that is what testing is for.

At least this way I have both types of tubes on hand and moving forward I can test either type of stock without needing extra parts.

Nothing is ever written in stone.

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Guest LLArms

To be perfectly honest the A2 is butt ugly to me.

Project Titan is not only based in performance, but a work of art to me.

I have an extra A2 butt stock for sale if anyone is interested.  <laughs>

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