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Seriously pondering this one...


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Up in the air on it.  Considering it chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum with a 24" barrel...  :o <dontknow>

Opinions, comments, experience in a bolt gun conversion like this?  Let it fly...  <thumbsup>

Tactilite T1 Super Match from Zel Custom Manufacturing:


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Im sorry but mind is made up and will accept no substitutes. Even if it is your money  <munch>


Well, I'm doing the math in my mellon here... and I come up with this - $1,998.00 for that upper, in .338LM.

$4,495 for the Only Long Range "Bad News" .338LM Semi:


$4,850 for the FD338, which right now is nothing more than computer-generated images - vaporware:


So, seeing that I checked out a 20rd box of .338LM Match ammo at Cabela's last time I was there - at $129 a box of 20 ($6.45 per round)...

I could use the minimum of savings by getting the bolt upper over the Bad News ($2,497), and buy 387 Match rounds from Cabela's...  :o <laughs>

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Based exactly on that ^^^ - price per round - I'm looking at the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit...  Found it at the same place that had the Barrett, and they had it stickered for $305.  From searching on the 'net, that's a pretty good price.  I'll have to pay sales tax on it, but I'd have to pay shipping on it if I went with an online sale.  The thing weighs 30lbs, so I'm pretty sure I don't want to pay shipping...  ;D

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Got quite the surprise at the store, too - When I first got in there, I asked a kid at a counter if they had any Father's Day sales that might be coming up this weekend ('cause I'll wait for a few more bucks  <thumbsup>).  He said the only thing going on was what the June sale already was.  Hell with it, it's $305 so I'll just get it now.  Remember, I figured about $30 in tax on that, which would cancel out UPS'ing 30lbs of kit from an online retailer, so... 

I get to the register, it rings up, total is $299.59 OTD - the thing was already $30 off for this month's sale.  ;D  Score... 

I man-handled that M98B, too - I was completely shocked at what it doesn't weigh...    Looks like a 25lb gun in person, but I'll be damned if it's even 13lbs with an empty mag in it.  The pricetag on it was $4,495, though...  :o

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just make one gun every two months instead of the normal 2 or 3 for 4-6 months and you have the money plus enough left over to buy a few rounds to shoot  ;D

<lmao>  I'm trying to slow down, man - I can't keep going like this...  :o <laughs>  The one I'm building now will be the last for awhile, and I'll be saving for something big, BIG bore.  It'll be chambered in .338LM for sure.  <thumbsup>

On a side note, I pulled 200 pieces of 5.56 brass out of the tumbler last night, and 100 pieces of .308 out this morning.  I'm starting already.    I'll be loading some 5.56 with Hornady 75gr HPTB Match and Sierra 69gr HPBT Match as a start.  ;D

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Nah, I ain't skeered - it's money, man, money...  :-[

Dropping that much at once will take some time - time to save up.  I just got notified yesterday that the final pieces to the current midlength build are ready to ship, and I dropped almost $500 on those.  :o  That one will be finished sometime after the July 4th weekend...  <thumbsup>

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  • 2 weeks later...

just make one gun every two months instead of the normal 2 or 3 for 4-6 months and you have the money plus enough left over to buy a few rounds to shoot  ;D

A'ight.  <thumbsup>  Last "regular" gun build is complete, and the future monetary savings are going towards a Barrett 98B...  ;D

No more 5.56 or .308 builds until I have a .338.  Promise.  :o <laughs>

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  • 1 month later...

Bad news for the .338 LM update, but good news, too...  well, kinda.  <munch>

I'll go with this ZEL .338 LM,  but with all the options on the barrel - that will take it from about $1,400 as a base price to over $2k for a final delivery cost.  So, save a little more, right?  <dontknow>

I had a Kimber 4" pistol getting in my way, but I've dismissed that thing - for the time being.  That can wait.  What just can't wait right now is my SEVERE ITCH for a SBR...  I'll be building a 11.5" SBR over the next couple of months (I honestly, sincerely hope it takes a little longer than that - just as proof to myself that I don't really have a "problem"...).  The need for an SBR has over-ridden everything else right now - and I can't honestly explain why.  <dontknow>

THAT'S the problem...  :o


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