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fallout 10 build


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got most of the lower put together. just need to get a trigger group and some kns pins ordered up and will be able to finish it. One note for anyone looking to build one of the coated bro upper/lowers, every single hole in the receiver has needed a little attention with some emery cloth. Not a big deal but just wanted to throw that out there.


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Troy makes a good rail, and generally I encourage them... But Daniel Defense makes GREAT rails. DD is expensive but worth it. As nice as Troy is, if you get a chance to fondle bot rails, you will notice/feel the difference with a DD.

I have both rails, and love both. Target shooting, plinking, competition, arm-chair-commando... Troy is your rail. If your going into a "your life depends on your equipment" situation, go with the DD.

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got my phase 5 bolt catch in but it does not work with this black rain. The hole that is in the catch for the retaining pin to go through is too big and allows quite a bit of wobble. So when the last round is fired it will not catch the bolt and hold it back because the lever is hitting on the lower and not allowing the catch to raise all the way. It is positioned here with no mag inserted and it functions fine like this just moving the lever.


but it sits like this with a mag inserted. This mag still has 1 round in it so the follower was not pushing on the catch at all.


you can see the mark where it has removed the hydro dipping right on the corner of the lower.

these two shots are taken with no mag in and applying pressure to the front and rear to show how much movement it has.



anyone have any ideas if there could be a fix? I really like this thing but i need it to function as well as look good. I even tried putting a little dab of jb weld on the front surface to see if it would push it back and allow the proper clearance but that hole is just too big for my retaining screw.

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Just thought about something - hope you check back in here before you silver-solder everything.

The .308s are not AR-15s.  Some .308s take a screw pin for the bolt catch, whereas AR-15s are almost always the same - SOME AR-15s take screw pins.

If you're trying to use an AR-15 roll pin on a Big AR, check what you have first.  If that Black Rain lower takes a screw pin, then that's what you need to use... 

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