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Stevens model 87A .22 calibur short, long, long rifle autoloading


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Well my Grandpa left me a old firearm. Specifically a Stevens model 87A .22 calibur short, long, long rifle auto-loading. It even has a old scope on it. I was not able to go to his funeral but my cousin picked up the 22 for me. The then thought he was going to clean it up some before I got it and it sounds like he made several errors. One of which involved leaving solvent on the gun and placing it in a foam case. The other was that he tried to take it apart to clean. Now part of the gun is in a bag and some is missing. All I have to identify the rifle where from some photos he sent me and then using a search engine. From what I can see and read this gun can do both semi auto and bolt action.

I just have to find a low cost way to get it from a FFL there to me. I just got out of the hospital from a battle with pneumonia so I have not yet learned the best way to do this but A friend may be able to point me in the right direction to save some cash.

I will attach a couple of photos for you to look over. They are not ultra clear but they show some numbers and some general features. I know I will have to locate some parts or just have a wall hanger, then again it may not be as bad as he thinks. I hope to find out soon. I am not sure when it was made. from what I can read it could be from anywhere 1938 - 1945 but one of these numbers indicates 1942? Not sure, but it is old.

I would love to heard what you folks think. I am sure to need help to restore it on an extremely limited budget.







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Thanks. I am finding YouTube bids on the rifle and also discovering exactly what you said about the many variations. I am going to have to get it here from out of state before I can know or do anything. Most important to me is that it was my Grandfathers gun. If it can be made to function that is just a bonus. I know it is missing at least one spring, because my cousin told me it took off a cross the room when he tried to clean it. I also am thinking he applied solvent but never put any oil back on.....

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Dang. The gun grabbers in MN are trying to make all guns be registered. This rifle is in MN now and I need to get it to NC before they start that crap. I thought this was going to be so easy to do, and it might still be, but they got me worried that somehow I will not be able to get this 22. Argh!  <dontknow>

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Well it is finally on its way  :))  My cousin wrote me today and told me he brought it to his FFL guy and it is on its way to mine and I am so excited. Did I say it is finally on its way? oh, it is finally on its way. LOL Can not wait until I have it here and I can write something else besides that it is finally on its way.  <thumbsup>

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Guess what? Yuup I picked it up today from my FFL guy.. Strange thing is my cousin said it did not work but it fired 5 rounds for me. The scope needs adjusting and the stock needs wood oil and the metal.needs some oil too. The plastic on the butstock needs replacing otherwise I can see nothing wrong with it. If down the road it acts up then I will probably find out what the problem is but until then I will just have fun and enjoy having my Grandfathers 22.

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Well it does fire but there is a spring in a baggy and my cousin now says that it and a missing "pin" are from the bolt. So I am storm between the it works leave it alone and break it down and find out what is going on. First things first I need o put oil on it. Then I will watch you tube video and watch someone break it down and go from there. I know where to get parts so that is not a problem, only a very few are "sold out". There are other sources too. Bottom line I have a rifle of my Grandfathers. That means a lot esp with his funeral happening while I was in the hospital. I have other guns but this one means the most to me. I am sure to post pics and updates as they happen and ask advice if and when needed ;)

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 Bottom line I have a rifle of my Grandfathers.

That's all that matters, brother.  All.  I have four from my Grandfather, and my two dip-poop cousins got NONE of them.  For a reason.


In reality, what you have, whether it works or not - you have a treasure, and it's not worth anything that anyone could offer you.  Keep it. 

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It shouldn't be overly complicated.


Back when I was dirt poor, my hobby was picking up old .22 rifles and shotguns that people were selling as "not working".


Find an exploded view of the rifle, examine it carefully, and you should be able to work out where that pin and spring belong.  Not even looking at it, my guess is either the extractor or ejector (probably the latter).



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After looking at you tube vids it looks like this is a model 85 <shrugs> Still a fine rifle (same as before the learning hehe). I did a quick break down clean and oil. Still can not tell where there are parts missing and it shoots so oh well. I will just keep this "extra" spring in the bag and see what happens down the road. The scope is a JC Higgins 4x made in TX. The scope is in great condition but the reticle was not vertical so a quick loosening of the rings screws, all 8 of them, a little twist and tighten back down and good to go!

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I just found a very old thread on another site and learned


The rear end of the bolt turns like a dial. Al says it is a bolt/hammer spring tensioner, which allows for the use of short cartridges. I.e., adjusting the spring tension allows .22 shorts to cycle the action. sounds cool, but I havent looked into it yet. how it is supposed to work, I haven't a clue.

End Quote:

Later it goes on to say you can experiment with this knob for what ever round you have to get it to cycle properly. So it is in effect an adjustable gas block, sort of.

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