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Hello from NJ


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Hello from the communist state of NJ.

I always wanted to get an AR chambered in 308.  I was mainly into handguns before but picked up my first AR15 about a year back.  After a while, I built a second competition style one but always knew that I wanted something in 308.  I did some preliminary research and realized that this was going to be an entirely different animal.  I looked around and settled on the Mega Arms Maten as it had an upper and lower set.  I saw sets available but did not buy anything. 

Then last December as things were flying off the shelf, I decided to jump into it.  It all started with a message from an online retailer that told me they had Magpul LR20 mags that were pinned to 15 rounds to be NJ legal.  I jumped on them although they cost me a pretty penny.  I then started hunting for a Mega Arms Maten but had no luck.  I was set to be notified from multiple places.  Online places started receiving them in January but I was always too late and were gone by the time I logged in.

I emailed Mega Arms to see if they knew of any distributors who may have it.  They pointed me to this one distributor that was receiving a shipment from their factory shortly and was told to place an order there.  This distributor was fortunately taking back orders so I was finally able to secure one.  It shipped shortly afterwards.

I then had to do all the research.  I quickly learned there are two different players in this.  The Armalite stuff and the DPMS stuff.  I was going to go with the Armalite path but settled on the DPMS path as it seemed more readily available.  After a few weeks, I think I've acquired most of the stuff I needed to complete the build.  20" stainless stell Rainier Arms Select 308 barrel, PRI MSTN QC Brake, Troy BattleRail TRX and a JP adjustable gas block completed most of the upper.

My buddy and I were able to complete building the upper.  Fortunately, I just completed the fun of building an upper for my brother in law's AR15 so I had some experience with this.  I've built quite a few lowers so this was pretty straightforward and fortunately, I had a spare AR15 lower parts kit.  Between the Maten parts and the AR15 lower parts kit, I was able to complete the lower.  Function check of the Maten lower made me realize the bolt catch was kind of flimsy.  I then got a dedicated AR10 bolt catch with a Phase 5 Tactical extended bolt release.

I was lucky to be able to source a Nikon M-308 with BDC scope.  My buddy found a guy online selling it.  The upper is now at a gunsmith to get the muzzle brake pinned (NJ law!).  I should get it back in a few days.

The only thing missing is a stock, buffer and complete DPMS bolt carrier group.  The Magpul PRS stock is on back order.  I've decided to go with a JP silent captured spring for 308.  This is inbound.  For the stock, I'm temporarily going with a Magpul MOE Rifle Stock until the PRS comes in.  The MOE Rifle stock is also inbound.  The only thing missing now is a complete DPMS bolt carrier group.  I've given up on getting a DPMS one as it seems no where in stock.  I did order one of the JP Low Mass bolts as it is compatible with the DPMS style.  I'm hoping this comes in soon.

I also need to figure out what type of ammo I should use during the break in period once it is complete.

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