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Ambi bolt catch lever.

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Yes, it will work.  It's about the only one that will work on a .308 AR.  Unless you custom-machined a .308 AR upper, the MagPul BAD lever won't work on them.  It's a clearance thing. 

By now, there might be a billet upper from a manufacturer that has a recess (in the upper) that would allow the BAD lever to work, but I haven't seen any of them yet. 

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Only reason I would think that they would say that, is because of an inexperienced person on the phone (maybe?) that sees it listed for the DPMS LR308. 


Your concern with the MagPul BAD lever, and a .308 AR, is the recess in the upper, where the stock bolt catch goes.  The BAD lever won't clear that recess.  The EBRv2/308 does.  When you can put the Armalite bolt catch in the DPMS lower, as a strength upgrade, you can run that DPMS part in the AR-10 lower (for a strength decrease?).  Point is, the two parts swap. 


The EBRv2/308 will work on your AR-10.  If it doesn't, I'll buy it from you.  thumbup.gif

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It bolts onto the stock bolt catch, like the BAD Lever does, and it probably protrudes out the back, like the BAD.  I doubt it would work on the .308.  One way to find out, though - get the lower in, get the bolt catch in it, get that lever on, and put the upper to it and see.  I don't think it's gonna work, though, for the same reason the BAD doesn't clear.

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That Ph5 v2 looks like it incorporates the bolt catch and lever as one piece. Armalite has modified their bolt catches to work with Gen2 mags,

am I viewing that pic wrong or is that v2 one piece, and if so will it work with the Armalite Gen2 Mag?




Im guessing no.

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