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Pistol grip choices

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I would like to replace the standard grip that comes with the DPMS LPK and am leaning toward Magpul, either the MIAD or MOE. I would think I would prefer something that's rubberized but I also like the adaptability if the MIAD. What are your preferences? Personal preferences? I know Houge make a quality product too. Any feedback on those? FYI my hands are rather large so a larger grip would be better...

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MIAD is the largest grip, but the MOE+ (make sure it has the +) has got to be the most comfortable grip I own.

If you like big grips, you should also look into a Pearce 1911 Grip Adapter.

Personally, I'm looking into the new Magpul K-2 grip coming soon. I think that is what my pistol build will use.

So far I have the:


MOE+ (x2)

BCM Gunfighter Mod0 and Mod1 (too small and too short on the trigger reach)

Troy BattleAxe (very small, but I love this one)

Tango Down BG-16 (bad angle for me, kinda like a Glock)

Ergo Grip (this was ok, but I like the MOE+ more)

A2 (I have a whole box of bastard grips)

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Call me crazy, but I like the Umbrella Corp grip I put on my 5.56 - the angle seems so much more ergonomic and comfortable to me. unfortunately I love the palm shelpf Ergo I have on my .308 build so I won't change it out. But any other builds will be done using the Umbrella one. Drawbacks are no texture (stippling) and no storage compartment.

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I'm pretty sure Umbrella Corp uses Magpul MOE grips and then puts their own laser eteched logo on it

I beg to differ - I have both and there is a pretty significant difference in the grip angle of them. My picture sucked so here's stickmans (shamelessly grabbed of the tubes):



I find the more vertical aspect of it much better feeling in my hand,especially after any extended amount of time shooting, like the 2 day carbine class I did over 1k rounds in. I'm going to use the Umbrella grip on all my builds now, other than my .308 with the palm shelf grip...

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