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Any Black Rain Ordnance 7.62/.308 shooters?


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+1 to that.


Buying glass is a personal thing that you should put a lot of thought into to compliment your build.


Figure out your budget: $100-$$$$$$$$

Range: CQB - inifinity

Type: Bench, Hunting, Range, 3Gun/Run & Gun, etc


From there the guys here can better help steer you in the right direction.


BTW, really nice build. I always liked what BRO table (custom colors and designs, billit receivers, NiB BCG, & fluted barrels).

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My intentions with this build is to build a long range precision rifle that is capable of consistent accuracy out to 1000 yrds.. I want a rifle that has the capability to perform beyond my current skill level.

As far as optics go, I want quality glass that matches the range and potential of the rifle. If I'm going to be limited to the range/distance I can shoot, it will be due to my errors!! LOL!! As of right now I am trying 

to decide between NightForce, SWFA, and US Optics..  In the area of 5 x 25 x 50 in FFP.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to mount a Schmidt & Bender on it, but I think it would be a lil over kill for this rifle. 

Not to mention out of my price range right now.  I think it would be better suited for the .338 lapua rifle that I plan to setup on the future..  I would definitely like to hear any opinions or suggestions that any of the members have..  

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I have also been looking at VX4 tact scopes. Looking through them in the store makes it hard.  It seems like the big difference will be made in performance beyond 300-500 yrds. Another scope that was

suggested is the Valdada-IOR.. If anyone is familiar or has experience with Valdada optics please let me know. 

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All the scopes mentioned above are top notch and should preform well for you!  Somethings to compare when making your choice 1st is $$ of course, 2nd what is the manfactures warranty?  #3rd which one has the reticle you like best?  5th Availibity(you may not be willing to wait months) 6th. Do you want First or second focal plane? and do all on your short list offer the type you want? 7th. Mil Mil or Moa Moa? 8th. lighted reticle? 9th. Internal adjustment, if you want to aventually reach 1000 yards you'll need lots of internal adjustment and possibally a scope mount with a built in 20 moa slant... Another thing is weight, scopes can vairy alot in weight & last but not least- glass clairity, tho all of these should have excellent glass and it may be extreemly dificult to tell which is best.

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