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Scope suggestion

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Alright, I'm down to the money on my build, soon as GG&G ships my Bi-pod and front sling attachment, my sling comes in, I will be ready to spend some serious dollars. I looking for some scope suggestions, I have my eye on this from Larue http://www.laruetactical.com/nightforce-5-25%C3%9756-atacr-and-qd-mount I'm just not in love with the 5-25 power on it. I own a NXS 8-32x56 on another rifle and was kinda partial to it, until these new ATARS came out. What do you all think?? Does anyone have one of these and how do they compare to the older NXS I listed above??


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Rsquared, very nice weapon there brother for sure.


Robo, I like yours as well, very nice weapon also.


Goofball, yeah I have read about the BEAST from NF, sounds nice, but has probably more features than I would ever use, plus it's another 900.00 bucks, the better half has me on a limit to get the ATARS. :argue:

So it is probably the one I'm going with. Thanks guys.

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Robo, what grip and handguard are those? Is the hand guard free floating? Me Like. (Can't see it but what stock is on it too?)

Apex 12.5" free float tube, DuraCoated "Tactical OD"

Magpul MIAD grip (Lrg) with 3M grip adhesive pack

Ace ARFX-Entry stock, with LAW Tactical folding stock adapter

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Alright, my scope is ordered and I will post pics of my build when I get it and mount it on the rifle, it will be like icing on the cake. Then it will be time to go break him in, haven't fired a shot out of it yet...... :D 

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Yeah I did, got it with the LaRue mount, I like GG&G, but they don't make anything in a 34 mm tube size. The price was like getting the mount for free, so made me happy, can't wait to get it. Thanks for asking.

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Well LaRue Tactical sent me an email that I have around 3-8 weeks worth of waiting before I can tell you my thoughts, but I will, said it was backordered.......


Unforgiven, yeah that rifle is a fun one, HIGHLY ACCURATE, but expensive to shoot and has a nice little kick to it, one of these days I'm going to buy a single stage reloading press just so I can be a little cheaper on taking it out to shoot it, instead of shooting store bought ammo.

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