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Shot my AR10 for the first time

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   Alright, rain and all today, I shot my AR10 for the first time this afternoon. As a matter of fact, first AR10 I've ever shot. Nothing fancy, no range, I just set up a big metal green bean can aprox 50 yrds away, I hadn't even adjusted the iron sights(they are all I have at the moment, waiting on scope to come in)just put them on, out of 5 shots, I hit the can 4 times, I was surprised. I cannot believe how easy this rifle is to shoot, I have shot an M1A of a buddy of mine and it had some recoil to it. I have been chomping at the bit to shoot it anyways, since this build has taken aprox 3 years to get done with and all the other things that seemed to be getting in the way of finishing it. I couldn't believe how easy the recoil was on it, wow. I can't wait to get my field cut where I have my range so I can properly zero my iron sights, man I have been like a kid in a candy store, now I have a big grin. Once I get my scope in and mounted, I will do some pics and list of parts. I appreciate everyone's help on this forum who gave me input, ideas, suggestions, etc. THANK YOU all! .


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That's what it's all about Eagle. Enjoying yourself......and having a good time. Don't worry about everybody that spouts about "bullseye" this or "MOA" that. Aim....pull the trigger.....rifle goes BLAM. Enjoy it. That's what the damn things are meant for.


I was hooked on AR-10's also from the very first time I shot one. M-14's are nice, don't get me wrong....I love those rifles. But there's something about the AR-10 platform that can't be beat. The 15's are nice to "play" with.....but they're nothing like the larger platform. Plus.....the 7.62 puts a much larger hole in stuff.


I still laugh with friends. I used to be a strictly older military rifle type of guy (Garands, Enfields, Springfields and such). Now I laugh and shake my head and ask.......when did I become an AR guy?

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