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What IS It?!?

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www.lawtactical.com makes a folder for the AR platform from 5.56 to 7.62 / .308. would make transporting a SASS with a PRS a little bit easier ???? ????

Yes, it certainly would, brother - big time.  Robo put one on his .308, and I've got two of them on AR pistols.  They're damn high quality, function well, and as a side bonus, add a little weight to your carrier.  <thumbsup>

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Does it have a solid lock up without any play in it? Thats the only thing I dislike about some of the colaspible stock is the flex or bend in the stock I feel when the weapon recoils and the play in the stock or woble .

When it's folded, you can make it wiggle, but there's a tension adjustment for that, to keep it folded with more force - which takes more force to "whip it out."  :))


Now, when you've got it opened (stock back, where it should be), that thing is rock solid.  There isn't even a wiggle, rattle, nothing - it locks into the fire position and stays there, and it's solid.  <thumbsup>

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Why do I have the feeling you are about to cost me money lol

Well, brother if you believe "the others," that's just what I do.  I reality, I see this as... - whether you get one or not...  <thumbsup> <laughs>


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To change the caliber a little bit... 338 NM case is a little shorter but a larger projectile can fit in the same space as the 338LM. I've looking into making a semi auto version in the 338nm and have got all the little details almost figure out. Wait till yousee the upper next year.

For a real badass gun check out the General Dynamics 338NM LWMMG , its 49" long and weighs 24 lbs shoots 500 rpm and is based off of the 240a. Its range is 1800 yards. And 4000 ft/lbs. With a 300gr projectile is badass!

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