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Front sight / scope compatibilty


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Depending on the magnification power of the scope, you won't even see the front sight post. At a low magnification (3-7x) you may see a slight blur at the bottom of your FoV. Once you get passed 7x the blur is near invisible.


The scopes can't focus on light that close to the lens. Due to the convex of the lens, they literally bend light around the post and focus beyond the post. Its similar to how your pistols sights blur when getting a sight picture.


Here is a picture to help explain. The focal point would be your target, and the front post would be directly in front of the lens. You can see how much light travels around the front post.



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Sheeit, you won't even see the front sight post at 3x.  Sometimes 2x, depending on the scope.  To add to what Rob said, with magnified optics, the scope's field of view is already way beyond the front of the rifle, where that front sight post is mounted.  The scope is already focusing way beyond that distance, which is why it's not even picked up in your vision.

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