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While searching for some 175gr FGMM ammo I bought some HSM "M118LR equivalent" rounds to try from Sniper Central. The ammo is comparatively cheap at $1.06/rnd, but I hadn't really heard much about it.

Yesterday at the range I zeroed my PWS MK216 at 100yds with 175gr FGMM, and then decided to shoot a group of FGMM and this HSM M118LR equivalent to see how they compared. The rifle was shot off of a bench with sand bags in the front and supported by my hand in the rear. The HSM M118LR equivalent grouped at 1.65MOA and the FGMM at 1.50MOA. Neither of these groups are particularly impressive, but they were both close in size and my guess is that both the HSM and FGMM are capable of better than I am at this point (I'm VERY new at shooting precision rifle). Unfortunately, I didn't have time to shoot more comparison groups due to a birthday dinner I had to get ready for, but I'll update my results here as I do more comparison groups.

The one flier I had in the HSM group I knew would happen as soon as the trigger broke. Bubbasks taught me that you really need to follow through with your trigger pull on a .308 AR to get a good group and on that shot I knew I missed doing that.


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What trigger are you running in your rifle? I know my PWS trigger is a mil-spec at best, and won't do anything to help out my groups


Geissele SD-E. Stock it came with an ALG ACT, which I didn't think was half bad, although you're right that it's just a mil-spec trigger with tighter tolerances.

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I have the gen1 gun, early production.


do have glass on your rifle?


Yeah, the ACT was a nice touch. I actually really like that trigger (no creep at all). The newer Mod 1 models definitely seem more refined with the ACT and adjustable gas block. I wish they included a heavier buffer though. The H3 I put into mine works great and my bolt locks back every time with the PPU M80 ball, CBC M80 ball, and match ammo I've run at the "slightly hotter, military load" gas setting.


I've got a Leupy MK6 3-18x44 for glass. Plenty.

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