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DPMS Bolt Catch Trouble?


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With the help of a retired Marine armorer, I finally got my SI Defense based AR308 assembled. The only trouble seems to be with the single Pmag I have the bcg won't stay open. My lower parts kit is an off the shelf DPMS. Has anyone else had trouble with the stock bolt catch in their build? If so, is it the mags? (I've got two metal Stoner mags on the way), or is an aftermarket bolt catch the answer? Whose?

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I'd recommend checking the lower receiver. With the upper open/disconnected, stick an empty mag into the magwell and see if the bolt catch is engaged and pushed up by rear end the mag follower (It may help to first cock the trigger back).


I had a similar problem with my CMMG when it came with the wrong mag catch installed. Did this to check and got a replacement mag catch from CMMG that correctly engaged the mag follower.

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The AR Stoner mags arrived today. Only $18 from Midway. Put them in and both check perfect. The BCG manually locks back properly. Now I need to get to the range, site it in, and post some pics.


I compared the Stoner mags to the Magpul. The top back of the mags are not similar at all. Would an "Armalite" Pmag be that different that it wouldn't lock back? If so, I'm wondering if an Armalite style mag was put in the bag by mistake?

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I have a CMMG lowered 308 that will absolutely not work right with Pmags , but has worked with all metal mags. I put in it ,but my problem is not bolt hold open , its a feeding problem.


I believe all 308 Pmags are the same. 


Make sure you also have a 308 bolt stop.


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You can mail that P.O.S. pmag over to me. I'll dispose of it for you.

Well, very kind of you to offer to help me out, but sorry to disappoint you. It works beautifully now. Rifle just needed to break in. Actually, I kind of like the steel ACS/Stoner mags better, but it's good to see they both work.

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