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Leupold Mark AR Mod 1, 1.5-4 x 20

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Just picked up a Leupold Mark AR Mod 1, 1.5-4 x 20.  These are the newer versions of the Mark AR scopes that they make.


Made the comparison between it, the Burris 1-4, and the Vortex 1-4 several months ago - set them all side by side, glassed around with them, adjusted the mag on the all - this was the one I liked the best. 


Now, this is going on the 300BLK rifle.  I've got my mind made up on finishing this one, and it's gonna be nice.  I just need several more parts in order to finish it.  Hopefully I can get this done before the Mad Shootfest To Blow Up Drew's Phone.  If I can finish it in time, I'll end Drew's phone with this rifle.  <lmao>


So, I looked at weight, OAL, clarity of glass, and the reticle, when comparing these guys.  The Leupold won in all categories, for me.  By far the lightest of the three, and damn that optical clarity - I've rarely seen glass this clear. 


When I compared them, the one I was looking at had a custom elevation cap for 300BLK 125gr OTM - perfect.  That was awhile ago, and that's a custom cap, so the scope I actually got has a .223 Rem cap on it for 55gr @ 3100 fps.  Eh.  I'll order the custom cap for the 300BLK 125gr OTMs.  This one is also the illuminated reticle, the Firedot-G SPR, green dot.  <thumbsup>   It's a badass sum'biotch. 


I STILL can't find my damn camera, and it's been missing since the T-Day dune trip.  No pics right now.  In the meantime, here's something to tide you pic-whores over a little...







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Yep, based on this one I picked up, I WILL be getting the Leup 4~12x40 with mil-dot reticle.  That link you posted has a good deal on it, and my price is a little less than that from them, AND I've got a coupon burning a hole in my pocket!  <lmao>



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This new Mark AR Mod 1 line is pretty damn nice.  The street pricing on it is right there with the Nikon street pricing, model-to-model. 


I'm very happy with the Nikons I've got, and wouldn't go elsewhere, had it not been for this little Leup.  When I compared them all side by side (not the same as shooting them), the Leup was a wide margin ahead of the others, just in my opinion. That's just in the 1-4 range, though. 


I've got two Millett DMS-1 scopes - they're 1-4, decent glass, illuminated reticle (nice donut-dot reticle that I wish was in more scopes), but 30mm tube and heavy.  The price on them is fantastic.  Overall, I liked the first one well enough that I bought a second.  On this rifle, I would have bought a 3rd, but I just wanted something lighter on this one. 


I looked at the Vortex, Burris, this Leup, and the Nikon. 


I'll take the time to do some benchtop side-by-side between the Nikon M-223 4-12x40, and the Leup Mark AR 4-12x40, before I buy either one.  That size/range will be the next optic I buy, so I'll come in with some details once I line 'em up. 


I'll order the top cap for this one from the Leup Custom Shop, and see how long it takes.  It'll be 300BLK 125gr OTM, 2215 fps.

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I have been running that same scope on my Stag 3G rifle for about a year now. Shot a few matches with it this year and countless range trips. It has been rock solid and held zero. I like the fact of being able to "zero" out the turrets once you dial it in with a favorite load. Mine is solid mounted using a nikon m-223xr mount. The quality and clarity is fantastic for its size. I compared side by side to the burris as well. Overall, I think you cant go wrong with any Leupold. Everyone i have owned from a Rifleman series,VX1's, VX2 's to this AR tactical style. All have been superb!







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Never did find my camera.  It WENT with me to the dunes for the Thanksgiving trip.  It didn't return.  I suspect Foul Play, at the hands of a 17-year-old...  :bat:


Time to start the waterboarding, until I get some answers...  :eek:


I picked up a new camera, so now I can get pics again.  This new one is a hell of alot better than my old one anyway.






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^^^  <lmao>


As much as it makes some people schit their panties, I keep most of mine like that.  None are chambered, but most have a loaded mag in them.  Otherwise, they're only good for throwing them at things...


This one obviously isn't a shooter yet, but it should be soon.  Final "get it into operation" part is on it's way.   

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