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Sig PM400, A Split Personality Pistol


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I bought this Sig PM400 last October, it is registered a pistol but shoots like a rifle. No SBR's allowed here in Iowa so this was my best option. The funky looking "brace" works well when shouldered, it adjusts for length of pull and holds for over 200 rounds at a crack without readjusting so far. I'm nearing 1,000 rounds and no failures to report. I've run everything from Winchester 45 grain varmint loads to BH 77 grain match. The main diet has been XM855 from P-mags and the stock mag. It has exceeded my accuracy expectations to date. I have not scoped it but stuck with the factory irons and a cheap Bushnell TRS-25 red dot with riser. The target pictured was at 50 yards with the red dot in well under 30 seconds, just taking enough time to get on target and squeeze. 

   My wife gave me a flaming pig for Christmas but I think I'll save it for a future build, I don't want to mess with anything for fear I'll loose that 100% reliability!







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You won't need the Pig on that one, brother.  You get down below 10" on the barrel, and the concussion (to the shooter) is pretty heinous - that's where you'll need that Pig.  <thumbsup>


I've got a 7" setup with pistol-length gas system, and that damn thing is painful to shoot - so on went the KX-3.  Made a world of difference, and shoots just as nice as the 11.5" setup.

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I'm planning on a 7 inch build real soon. I've been pouring through the posts here digesting all the experience I can. I have to leave for work in Mississippi this Sunday so I'm hoping to find a pistol registered lower to get started with before I go, looks like everything else will be able to ship to my apartment there. I'm hoping to acquire one of those new Tac-con 3MR triggers for it, pricy but as close to auto as I'll ever get. I'm betting the pig will be a handy addition to the build!

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Get ahold of me when you're ready to start it - I'll help with any info I can.  Just start a thread in the Black Rifles section and I'll see it, or shoot me some PMs about it, either way.


Here's where mine ended up:


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Glad to know that arm brace works well. I'm interested to know what the next generation of braces will bring.

I'm slowly collecting pieces for my next build too. I'm thinking a 7.5" cannon is in my future. Looks like it's going to be a 7.62x39 build.


 I'm thinking a 7.5" cannon is in my future. Looks like it's going to be a 7.62x39 build.


Just make it a 7.62x35, brother...  <munch>

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Nope, spin 'em as fast as you can from a shorty.  You already have limited fragmentation range due to barrel velocity capabilities, so you might as well shoot heavies and spin 'em.  Both my shorties are 1:7 twist, for that reason.

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