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Thinking of building another SASS


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OK Ladies.


I'll start by saying that I know that this will make Tom (hard) happy.


SO. I'm thinking about building an AR10 SASS in FDE. And of course, as all of you yahoo's know, it'll be an Armalite (why would I build anything else?). I've got this upper assembly that I picked up last year at a steal of a price (meaning fair). Factory built no less. The A4 upper assembly with the SASS barrel, but with the plain handguards, gas block and flash suppressor. Hell, I paid 8 for the whole assembly, when the Armalite SASS barrel is worth about 5 to 6 by itself. You work in the upper and BCG, and you easily work in another 4 to 5. So I've got no problem tearing it down, to build up the rifle that I want in the end.


Anyway. All that being said. I'm thinking of getting another Armalite SASS rail (to replace the standard plastic handguards) and painting it (FDE). Another PRS (in FDE) stock. Another of Slash's buffers (love his buffers for running suppressed). BADASS selector. Armalite adjustable gas system, blah, blah blah.


My question to all of you jokers is..........is it worth it? I usually don't have duplicates with the rifles that I have. They're all different, in their own way. But this one would be a sister (more or less) to the black one that I have. BUT, it would have it's own personality being FDE.


Throw out your ideas....suggestions....or preferences you low life rat-bastards.


I'm open to suggestions.

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My Woody is almost finished... I started a 20" national match build MONTHS ago. I have been waiting for the high grade walnut to get back in stock.

Precision Firearms, dude.  Fuk, don't you read my posts anymore?...  <dontknow> :fawkdance:






AND!...  You've been holding out.  That's bull$HIT.  :bat:

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