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Sling for SW MP10 Realtree


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Any standard rifle sling should work & they have all kinds of flavors of camouflage out there. Attachment is the same for your sling as on any hunting rifle with sling attachments , if that's what your asking. 


 Check for Allen camo slings & there are others . There are slings out there with out the sewn in QR.


Even if you get a tactical , get it FDE, OD Green or Foliage green, works just as well & most of the tactical slings are made better than commercial & of course cost a little more . I just picked up a Magpul MS1 sling in FDE & its a quick adj. sling & also has loose sling ends for threading the loops , as with most Tactical slings .

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Thanks for the input guys. This for my son in laws MP10. He wants a hunting type sling where I would be fine with a tactical. V-tac is good but not what he wants. I mounted his scope today and made sure the cg was lubed. I have a DPMS myself that runs perfect. I really like the SW mp10 but not enough to sell my DPMS...maybe enough to sell my M1A. Then again can you ever have enough 308's. The absolute best caliber ever made.

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those are nice unforgiven it's what I'd go for. He is on a hog hunt in Fl with it now and will most likely pick something up at Bass Pro. I usually don't hunt so I don't fool with slings unless it comes with a used gun purchase. When I did hunt years ago I would use something with QD's as all my then hunting rifles had them. These days lots of calibers on the AR platform to hunt with and who want a sling that digs in. Thanks a lot guys.

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I think I have to get one of these for myself. I have more than a few 308's. May have to get rid of something else to add this. It is much lighter than all of mine except my Rem 742 bdl. Those are lighter but don't shoot as well.

I like it better than my FAL and M1A1. M LR308 is a keeper but much heavier and longer. The Ruger 77xl SS bull barrel is probably my most accurate but it is a bench rifle and very heavy but oh so smooth. I hate even thinking about selling a 308. Maybe something else can go.

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