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chip or wilson 1911 mags or??


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Brownell has a three pack of the chips for about 70 is while I've see the Wilson's going for 32ish at midway? Who sells the better mags even if it's not these guys? Don't mind paying for quality for my new sig 1911r

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I've been using McCormicks since Chip first started marketing them, in 10, 8 and 7 (Officer ACP) round configurations. I've never had a problem with any of them and wouldn't buy anything else for .45. I've used them for duty carry and USPSA competition, and they are all I use in my carry gun. Can't beat then for the price!

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i was looking at ten round mags, they seem to stick out about an inch or so past the mag well. makes the gun look off a bit


But it sure does make a 5" 1911 balance well.  Same thing with a 15-rd mag in a 4" XD45 - great balance.


It's not about looks, and it's not the mag of choice to try to conceal, but you need to have one on you when you carry - if you end up having to use any ammo whilst carrying, you'll wish you had one of those on the first reload.


When I carry the 4" or 5" Kimber, they have a CMC 8-rounder in them and one in the chamber.  I have two CMC Power 10s with me. 

When I carry the XD45 (that's the daily pistol now), it's got the 13-rounder, one in the chamber, and two 15-rounders as spares.


I have no idea how many 1911 mags I have, so I think that's something I need to count, now. I'll tackle that job in the next couple days.  Most are CMCs, a few are Kimber mags, and a few more than a few are Wilson Combat mags.  I'll figure it out. 


Mike is right again, too - Mec-Gar makes some great double-stack mags.  I've never tried their single-stack mags, but have some of the doubles.  Those were OEM for the Kimber BP Ten II, Para 45, and a few other manufacturers.

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LMAO ...Zero sleep last day and a quarter.

Mecgar has very good mags for 1911 in. 45acp , 10mm , 40s&w , 9mm ,& super 38. They also have 6 ,7 , 8 , 10 & 11. Round mags.



I agree they work quite well on 1911's and I have never had a problem shooting these in either of my S/A TRP Operator or my Champion Operator. I have had issues with the older CM Power Mags. The Mecgar's have a solid follower and a anti-tilt tip that extends well into the mag kinda like a P-Mag. Sorry Robo but they flat out work brother.

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