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Armalite Super SASS

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Had the first chance to handle a buddy's new Armalite Super SASS today. First impression, what a beautiful rifle! Really does not need one thing added except the right optic. Ceramic coated stainless steel bull barrel, adjustable gas block, A great combination of rails and hand guards, a Magpul PSR stock, what is not to like? Except.... The weight. 11+ pounds is a bit of a trade off, but man, what a precision piece of equipment.

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Sweet rifle RSquared. I guess it's time for me to fill out the paperwork and get a can or two. Any tips for my friend specific to the SASS? He has shot my standard AR10, and I suggested he run it wet, particularly for the first 200 rounds. Also, what is your optic? He is planning on a Leopold which I thought was the best choice for this type.

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Yep, she's my top dog of AR's in the collection. I actually use a thin film of hi-temp bearing grease when I plan on running it with the can on the carrier and bolt assembly. Otherwise, just the typical lube the S h I t out of it for the first couple hundred rounds. The glass is a Nightforce NXS 3x15x50. Pricey? Yes. But worth it once you look through it.


And for all you other armchair QB's. Yes that's a Harris bi-pod. I REPEAT. A Harris bi-pod.............................NOT (or will it ever be) an Elite Iron. I'll save that for the MRAD ball busting section.


NOW....................back to your regular scheduled programming already in progress.

Edited by Rsquared
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Soooo.... you're saying that the Elite Iron is on order for the MRAD then?


He FINALLY got the Elite Iron for that MRAD?  'Bout damn time already.


Good job, Ron.  <thumbsup>


Pics of the bipod on the bolt gun, dude.  Why you holdin' out?  <dontknow>

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I damn glad I didn't get rid of my SASS and converted it to a battle rifle. Within a few minutes I can changer her back to a Sniper Rifle.  She is a pleasure to shoot.

After handling that SASS, I can see why you feel that way.
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