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Mossberg 308 ar!?

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It looks like no one has touched on this yet, but Mossberg has come out with a 308ar! You know these rifles has become popular when a company like Mossberg will go WAY out of their comfort zone to build one! I hope it is a good quality shooter at a decent price, and I hope it is fully dpms compatible :-)

It is called the MMR. Sadly, it looks to have a carbine length gas system on a 20 inch barrel. But I like the look of the rail they put on it! But it also comes with a stark pistol grip... for me, this is a definite turn off. I can't wait to hear from someone who buys one!

msrp is full camo is about 1500. it can also be had in camo furniture only, and all black

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Ever since Alan Mossberg stepped down and Iver Mossberg took over, they've been coming out with much more for the "modern" public. 


I'm a big Mossberg fan - many of them in my collection.  My MVP is one of my favorite rifles, by far.  <thumbsup>

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I hope....just like their shotguns.....handed down for generations.....grandfather to son to grandson

most of us have a mossy handed down to us :) Wash

I have my grandfather's Mossberg 500, a single-shot bolt action .22LR rifle, and a Sears & Roebuck "Ranger" break action double barrel side-by-side shotgun.  <thumbsup>

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If you are strapped for cash and get the mossberg 22 ar for a trainer, it will serve its purpose to a certain extent, and I understand.


But I have a little bit of experience with them, and I would advice you closely research this, and other options. The mossberg ar is the mossberg plinkster crammed into an airsoft gun style frame, that happens to look somewhat like an ar. The charging handle is fake, and doesn't move, and none of the controls are in the same place as a real ar. Not only that, all of the controles in my opinion are awkward, and chinsy. I might be the poorest guy on this forum, but I would suggest if you want a budget shooter, to look elsewhere. Your experience may vary.


I really wish mossberg had offered this rifle (the MVP 308) with a midlength gas tube... I feel that alone would have made it much more appealing. I do like the lines of their receiver, and I really appreciate their cool camo pattern offering. (at least I think its cool lol) I hate the grip... but hey, I change every grip I get anyways.

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